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Disney World Fastpass Tips for Avoiding Lines

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Disney World Fastpass
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What is Disney’s Fastpass System?   

What is the Disney World Fastpass System? Disney’s Fastpass System allows guests to skip the stand-by line and skip to the front of the line.  As of now, guests can reserve 3 Fastpass reservations in advance for each day they are at the park. That means 3 less lines you need to wait in!

Right now, guests can make Fastpass reservations 60 days in advance if they have a Disney resort reservation. Guests staying at a Disney resort can book Fastpasses for their first park day and up to 10 subsequent days through their Disney hotel and parks stay. 

Guests staying offsite, can book their Fastpass reservations 30 days ahead of their first park day. Staying offsite, you can only book Fastpass reservations 30 days in advance so if you are visiting the parks on multiple days, you will have to book the Fastpasses one day at a time. 

In recent years, Disney has included several Disney Springs Resorts in the 60 day booking window.  When booking a Disney Springs resort, check their Fastpass policy. Here are a few hotels that honor the 60 day Fastpass window: Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Visa, Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney, and B Resort and Spa .


How Do You Reserve Fastpasses? 

When your 30 or 60 day window arrives, visit the Disney World website or My Disney Experience application. Make sure you are signed in by 7 A.M. EST. Visit the Fastpass section on the app or website and at 7 A.M. refresh your screen. You’re date will become available and you will select a park. You should be all set to select 3 Fastpasses per person per day. Later in this post, I will discuss strategies for optimizing your Fastpasses and the best times to get Fastpasses. **You can only select Fastpasses for one park per day during initial Fastpass reservations. As an example, you can’t select 2 Fastpasses at Epcot and 1 at Magic Kingdom during your 30 or 60 day window! 

Disney World Fastpass

How Do You Use Fastpasses? 

You have reserved all your Fastpasses and today is the first day of your vacation! When you approach the line to use your Fastpass, you will scan your Disney Magic Band or Disney World ticket on the turnstyle near the line entrance. If you have trouble locating the Disney Fastpass line, just ask a cast member. That’s it, you have now used a Fastpass! 


Getting More Disney World Fastpasses

The Disney World Fastpass System is one of the best kept secrets. After you use your initial 3 Fastpasses for the day, you can get more! 

When making your initial Fastpass reservations at 30 or 60 days, I would suggest making all your Fastpasses in the morning. Once you use all your Fastpasses in the morning, you can get more Fastpasses one at a time. 


Strategies for Getting More Disney World Fastpasses 

My favorite part of Disney travel is being in charge of getting more Fastpasses. To me, it feels like winning a game! 

Once your Fastpasses are gone, refresh your My Disney Experience app and find the link to make Fastpass reservations. You will be making new Fastpass reservations since you have used yours for the day.  Select the park and make a new Fastpass reservation. At this point, you can make Fastpasses for a different park if you want to park hop! 

Now you have selected your new Fastpass reservation but the work isn’t completely over. If you choose, you can find your Fastpass reservation under My Plans and select modify Fastpass reservation. At this point, I continually refresh the screen looking for a better Fastpass time or a ride that wasn’t available when I made the reservation. 

This technique can be tedious as you have to keep refreshing but we rarely ever wait in stand-by line. I’ve also got really hard to get Fastpasses like Avatar Flight of Passage the morning of. This technique works really well if you want to avoid waiting in stand-by.

You use your phone a ton at Disney World so I would recommend bringing a Portable Phone Charger . I have one just like this and it’s super convenient to charge up in line! 

**Due to the COVID-19 changes, Disney is not currently using the Fastpass System. But when the COVID pandemic is over, Disney will most likely use their Fastpass System again! 

Check out this cute decal for your Magic Band! They add a magic touch to your vacation! 


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