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15 Things You Need in Your Disney Park Bag

Going to a Disney World or any Disney Park is a full day adventure so make sure you prep your Disney park bag with all the essentials! Personally, I purchased many of these items off Amazon before each of my Disney trips which saves a lot of money and allows me to be prepared for all situation. I’ll highlight the products that worked well for me and the ones I definitely recommend you put in your Disney Park bag!! 


1. Backpack 

You do tons of walking around the parks so I always find it easier to have a Disney Park backpack versus a purse. It also gives you more room for extra stuff like sweatshirts or carrying around purchases you made. I personally have the  Orange Packable Backpack   and it’s one of my favorite Amazon purchases. It folds up to the size of a notecard, it’s waterproof, and it’s amazing for travel! Also check out this adorable Minnie backpack. I have one of these too because they are so cute and fun! 

***Disclaimer***  This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn an affiliate commission if you click on an affiliate link. Full disclosure, I only post products that I have or recommend! 

travel backpackMinnie Bag


2. Portable Phone Charger  

You will 100% need a portable phone charger in your Disney Park Bag! I have this  Portable Phone Charger and love it because it has 2 USB ports for charging more than one device at a time! I will leave the charger in the backpack and let both my fiance’s and my phones charge at the same time! 

You will use your phone more often than you think because of the My Disney Experience App. The app does a number on your phone battery so this is a MUST! If your considering not bringing a portable phone charger think about all the experiences you’ll miss out on without access to the My Disney Experience App, it’s definitely worth it! 

Phone Charger


3. Extra Phone Cables 

I always make sure to leave phone cords in my Disney park bag! It’s too hard to move your phone cord from your hotel room to your park bag everyday. When I try to move phone cords around, I always end up forgetting it in the hotel room. Make sure you bring extras. I would recommend bringing a 10 ft phone cord too! 


4. Ponchos 

Rain ponchos are always a good idea! It rains frequently in Florida so I always have ponchos in my park bag. Disney charges more than $10 for a single use poncho.  I order a bulk pack every trip and back them in my suitcase so I don’t have to pay Disney poncho prices!  This is a big money saver too if your looking to save a few extra pennies! 

Disney poncho


5. First Aid Kit 

A First Aid Kitwill have important things you will need like band-aids, pain killers, and everything you need for aches and pains. Many people forget how much walking you do at Disney World so I always keep blister relief in my bag too!  Disney vacations are active and difficult on your body so I’m sure you’ll need pain killers or band-aids at some point! Disney does sell many of these items in gift shops and guest services if you forget but you’ll save money by bringing your own!


6. Wipes and Sanitizer

In the post COVID world, you can never have enough Hand Sanitizer or Baby Wipes ! We are taking extra precautions to wipe everything down from tables to hand rails so make sure to bring these sanitary items! Post COVID, you can never have enough sanitizer in your purse or Disney Park bag! 



7. Sunglasses 
It’s always sunny in Florida, so make sure to bring some cute glasses!  I always through an extra pair of sunglasses in my suitcase too! I’ve lost sunglasses on numerous Disney trips and sunglasses are a MUST!



7. Light Jacket 

At Walt Disney World, mornings and evenings can often be cool so if you’re someone who is typically cold, I would keep an extra layer in your bag. All the buildings and restaurants have the A/C blowing very high so you may want a jacket inside too.  I always throw a sweater or sweatshirt in my park bag just in case. 


8. Sunscreen

It’s really important to protect your skin from the harsh Florida sun. The Disney Parks and Resorts have Sunscreen for purchase but it’s very expensive. Make sure to stock up on sunscreen prior to your vacation! I like to reapply half way through the day for extra protection so this is a Disney Park Bag essential! 



10. Snacks

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing snacks at Disney! The Disney food is always amazing!! But I always try to bring some of my own snacks to save some money or if your hungry at an inopportune time, like in line! There are many easy snacks to put in your Park Bag like granola bars or fruit snacks! 


11. Portable Fan

The Florida sun can get really hot! Depending on when you go, you may want a Handheld Fan or fan/water mister. Your kids will love this! Lately, people have been bringing portable neck fans which are handy and fun! In Disney fashion, they do sell these at the Disney Parks but like everything else be prepared to pay a premium. 



12. Smart Watch

When I visit Disney, I usually walk more than 20,000 steps a day so if you are a fitness junkie or like to track your steps, make sure you bring your Apple Watch or Fitbit  

Apple Watch


13. Autograph Book

If you have little ones, make sure you bring a Disney autograph book. Your kids will cherish these books when they look back at their Disney memories. I look back at my autograph books from time to time! 

Disney autograph bookDisney autographs - Disney Park Bag


14. Gum 
Many people don’t know this but you cannot buy Gum at Disney Parks.  If you and your family love Gum make sure to stock up before your Disney World vacation! 


15. Games for line

Make sure to bring stuff to keep busy in line. For kids, this is often a cell phone or tablet. I also really recommend the Heads Up game. It’s a charades type game that you will see others playing in line!

Kids Tablet - Disney Park Bag


There are lots of things that you can bring in your Disney Park bag so take these tips and make them work for your family. The more prepared you are for your Disney vacation, the better your vacation will be. Also be sure to check out the best Disney Deals on Amazon

disney park bag


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11 thoughts on “15 Things You Need in Your Disney Park Bag

  1. This is a great list! #11 and #15 are ones I hadn’t thought of before! When we were planning our latest trip (which unfortunately got canceled due to COVID), I was also going to pack some glo-stick bracelets to make it a little easier to keep track of my active daughter after dark!

  2. Snacks is an excellent suggestion. The food in the park is so expensive it would be good to supplement so that you don’t have to buy so much. Save some $$ for the Good Stuff 🙂

  3. I didn’t even know portable chargers existed on my first mistake. The phone was dead in like an hour. People don’t realize how quickly the app drains your battery. Great tips!

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