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Walt Disney World Park Pass System



Park Reservation System 

What is the Disney Park Pass System or Disney Park Reservation System? Due to COVID-19, Disney Parks around the world faced unprecedented closures. Prior to reopening, Disney needed to create a system to limit park capacity. Disney created the Park Reservation System to limit the capacity of the parks each day. For the reopening, Disney’s new slogan is “Know Before You Go!” 

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Where Do You Find the Park Pass System? 

You can access the Disney Reservation System on the Disney World website or My Disney Experience webpage. Disney published a video that does a great job explaining the Disney Park Pass system, check it out here

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Prep Work for the Park Reservation System

Before you can reserve your park days, there are several things you need to do on the My Disney Experience website. If you have these things done ahead of time, reserving you park days will be easy! 

    1. Make a My Disney Experience account
    2. Link your park tickets to your My Disney Experience account. Each member of your party 3 years old and older will need a valid park ticket.
    3. If your staying at a Disney resort, make sure your resort reservation is linked to your My Disney Experience account.
    4. Make sure to bring protective gear like Hand Sanitizer , Hand Wipes, and bring a cute Disney face mask!

Your now on your way to making your Park Pass reservations and your next Disney World vacation! 


How to Make Park Pass Reservations? 

Disney has done a seamless job making the Park Pass System easy to use and user friendly. These steps will help you make your park reservations! 

  1. Create your party. Click the blue Make a Disney Park Pass Reservation and you will begin the process by selecting your party. 
  2. Next – you select your date and park.  
  3. Finally – review and confirm your plans!

Disney park pass system - create your party

The Park Pass Systems brings a major change to the Disney ticket system. For years, the Park Hopper has been a staple in the Disney ticket system. Disney’s Park Hopper allowed Disney guests to visit more than one park on any given day. The Park Hopper gave guests freedom and many guests purchased this option specifically for this freedom.

Until further notice, you can not Park Hop. With the Park Pass System, you will only be allowed to select one park per day. This is the only park you can visit on that given day. 

Disney plans to use this Park Pass System for the foreseeable future. As of now, there are rumors Disney plans to use this system through at least September 2021. Only time will tell how long the Disney Park Pass System will be in place. 

disney park pass system

You may have heard that the first day of the Disney Park Pass System was filled with issues and the Park Pass site kept crashing. But since the first day, the Park Reservation System has been consistently available for guests to reserve their park days and no major issues have been reported. In true Disney form, the website experienced issues on the first day but has been working smoothly ever since. 

Travel organizer

Make sure to pack efficiently for your next vacation. Disney hotel rooms don’t have a ton of extra space so travel hangers are great for keeping your toiletries organized. 

If your planning on visit Walt Disney World anytime soon, make sure to get familiar with the Disney Park Pass System and the  My Disney Experience site. Both will be apart of your Disney vacation for the foreseeable future!  


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  1. I’m glad to see that the Disney parks have a system for limiting the number of people at the parks now. This is really helpful info for anyone wanting to visit, especially the part about what to do before using the Park Reservation System to reserve your days. Thanks for sharing!

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