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The Ultimate Guide to Disney World Value Resorts

Best Disney Value Resorts

Walt Disney World has a resort for every type of family, every price range, and in many different locations. Disney offers value resorts, moderate resorts, and deluxe resorts. 

Disney has 5 value resorts: Pop Century, Art of Animation, All Star Music, All Star Sport, and All Star Music.

If you’re considering visiting Disney World soon, check out the Disney World Value resorts for your stay on Disney property. 

Pop Century

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Disney Value Resort Overview

So what’s so great about Disney’s Value Resorts in Orlando? Disney’s Value Resorts are lively, full of color, fun for the whole family and most importantly offer a great value.

So what are the benefits of staying at a Disney Value Resort?

  • Every Disney value resort has it’s own theme and feature larger than life Disney characters like Woody and Buzz! 
  • The Disney World Value Resorts give you access to Disney resort perks like free bus transportation and access to extra magic hours.
  • Each Disney resort has a food court, pool, pool bar, and in-room delivery.
  • The ability to have all the perks of staying on Walt Disney World property
  • And stay at a hotel designed with families in mind

Let’s take a look at each Disney Value resort and help you choose the right Disney resort for your next vacation! Also make sure to pick up the best travel accessories before you go! 



Disney’s Pop Century Resort

I’ll start off by saying that in my opinion, the best Disney Value Resort is Pop Century.

Disney’s Pop Century Pop Century is based around 20th century American pop culture. Each section of the resort is themed based on decades like the 70’s, 80’s, etc. 

Pop Century at Disney is located near Animal Kingdom and the ESPN World Wide of Sports.

disney value resort

So why do I think Pop Century is the best Disney World value resort? First, the Pop Century rooms were completely renovated in 2019 and 2020. 

The Pop Century rooms are now bright, clean, and spacious.  In double rooms, the second bed folds up into the wall to give you extra space. 

Secondly, Disney World’s Pop Century is the smallest Disney value resort.  This is an important consideration when thinking about Disney bus transportation. 

disney world

Since Pop Century is the smallest, they don’t share a bus with any other Disney resorts which allows you to move between the Disney Parks and resorts more quickly.  

Thirdly and most importantly, Disney World’s Pop Century is located on the new Disney Skyliner! The Disney Skyliner is an awesome, quick way to get to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. 

If you want more information on Disney’s Skyliner, check out this post on the Disney Skyliner System!

disney world skyliner

In terms of pools and entertainment for your family, Disney’s Pop Century has great pools! The Pop Century Hippy Dippy Pool is infamous for being a great place to hang out and a great Disney pool for kids. 

Make sure to bring Pool Toys   for your kids and a cute Disney tumbler for your drinks! 


Although I think Disney’s Pop Century is the best Disney value resort, there are four other awesome Disney resorts to choose from.  Before your pick your Disney World resort, check out the rest of the Disney World value resorts.


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Right next door to Pop Century is Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Art of Animation is Disney’s newest value resort built to celebrate the history of Disney animation.

Disney designed Art of Animation with families in mind by offering family suites that sleep up to six people.  Unlike any other Disney resort, each Art of Animation room is themed like the Little Mermaid, Cars, and the Lion King. 

Disney’s Art of Animation is also located near Animal Kingdom and the ESPN World Wide of Sports. 

disney value resort

And in terms of Disney transportation, Disney’s Art of Animation doesn’t share a bus with any other Disney hotel which means quicker transportation between the Disney Parks and resorts. 

Like Pop Century, Disney World’s Art of Animation is located on the new Disney Skyliner System too! This is a great Disney Value resort amenity to get from Art of Animation to Epcot or Hollywood Studios. 

Disney’s Art of Animation pool is the Big Blue Pool which is the largest pool at Walt Disney World. 

disney world value resort

If you want more information on Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, check out the Disney website

If you are looking for a Walt Disney World Value Resort that is designed for kids and large families than Disney World’s Art of Animation is for you. 

Additionally, if you have kids that are obsessed with the Little Mermaid, the Lion King or Cars what better way to make your Disney vacation magical than to stay in one of Art of Animation’s themed rooms. 

TIP: If you staying with a few people, make sure you bring a Charging Station! Disney resorts don’t have that many outlets or wall plugs so charging your devices can be difficult!



Disney’s All Star Music Resort

Another Disney Value Resort in Orlando is Disney’s All Star Music Resort. There are three All Star Resorts: Music, Movies, and Sports. 

 If you love music, Disney World’s All Start Music features music like jazz, country, calypso, show tunes, and rock n’ roll.

Like the rest of Disney’s Value Resorts, the All Star resorts are located near Animal Kingdom and the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

disney all star music resort

Due to the Disney World closure, the All Star Music Resort is currently closed.  At this time, the Disney All Star Music Resort reopening date has not been announced.

Before the pandemic, the All Star Music Resort rooms were undergoing renovation.  When All Star Music reopens, hopefully the renovated rooms will be completed. 

For when the All Star Music Resort does reopen, this resort is known for the giant guitar shaped pool. There is also a large food court, the Intermission food court.  

Disney’s All Star Music is a great Disney Value resort for you next Disney trip!

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Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

Disney World’s All Star Movies Resort is based on your favorite Disney movies like The Mighty Ducks, Herbie The Love Bug, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, and Toy Story.

Unlike the other Disney All Star Resorts, Disney’s All Star Movies Resort is reopening in March 2021. 

The All Star Movies was one the first Disney’s Value Resorts to be completely renovated.  The new All Star Movie rooms are bright, spacious, and modern. 

disney value resort

Like the other Walt Disney World Value resorts, All Star Movies is located near Animal Kingdom and the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

The All Star Movies pool is themed at Fantasia with a unique Mickey fountain.  The Disney All Star Movies Resort also has movies under the stars. 

Disney’s All Star Movies is a great Disney resort that has recently reopened and a great place to stay while at Walt Disney World.

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Disney’s All Star Sport Resort

Last but not least is the Disney All Star Sports Resort.  The Disney All Star Sport Resort is themed after sports like football, baseball, basketball, and surfing!

And you could probably guess, the All Star Sport Resort is located near Animal Kingdom and the ESPN World Wide of Sports.

The All Star Sports Resort is one of the best Disney Value resorts because it frequently houses students visiting the ESPN World Wide of Sports for sport competitions.

disney all star sports resort

The Disney World All Star Sports Resort is the last Disney World value resort to be renovated. The renovation was scheduled to begin in 2021 but I’m guessing this timeline will change with the ongoing pandemic. 

Like the All Star Music Resort, the All Star Sports Resorts is currently closed because of the pandemic and Disney hasn’t released any information on when it will reopen. 

When All Star Sports reopens, consider visiting the Surfboard pool or End Zone food court at the All Star Sport Resort. 


Also remember to pick up some sunglasses because Florida is very sunny! I like to buy a cheap pair on Amazon because I’ve lost and broken expensive sunglasses before.


And make sure to consider staying at one of the best Disney World value resorts while on your next Disney vacation! 

Disney value resort


I’ve laid out a ton of information on Disney Resorts and how to evaluate Disney’s Value Resorts.

To me, the most important thing about Disney value resorts is theming and transportation options. If you are trying to decide between the Disney Value Resorts Orlando, consider what Disney theming your family would like and what transportation options your family would prefer.

I hope these Disney Value hotel tips help you plan your next Disney adventure! 


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  1. I stayed at the Disney All Star Sports Resort with a group while in High School. It was a great place and budget friendly for the whole family!

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