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Disney World Fireworks – 2021 Changes and Updates


Walt Disney World Fireworks 

No trip to Disney World is complete without watching the Disney Fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle. With the Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration, there have recently been some changes to Disney World’s Firework shows.

magic kingdom fireworks

In 2019 and 2021, Disney retired some of their most beloved Disney Firework shows, Illuminations and Happily Ever After.  Despite the fact that Illuminations and Happily Ever After retired, the next generation of Disney fireworks are sure to be amazing!

Check out all these Walt Disney World firework tips for your next Disney trip! 

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Infamous Disney World Fireworks of the Past

For most of Disney World’s 50 year history, they have been known for their firework shows. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is most well known for fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle. 

Over the last two decades, the Disney Magic Kingdom firework shows like Wishes and Happily Ever After have become very well known and loved. 

disney fireworks

The other Disney park known for their firework shows is Epcot.  Disney’s Epcot firework show is also previously known as Illuminations. Disney’s Illuminations ran for several decades and celebrated cultures around the world. 

Many Disney fans still miss the beloved Disney World firework shows including Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After, Wishes, and Epcot Illuminations but the new shows will be loved as well!  

As a Disney fan myself, these older Disney firework shows hold a special place in our hearts. I’m sure that all Disney fans will grow to love this new generation of Magic Kingdom and Epcot fireworks!



Disney World Magic Kingdom Fireworks 

In late 2021 during the start of the Disney World 50th Anniversary, Disney Happily Ever After was retired.  In October, the new Disney firework show, Enchantment debuted. 

Disney’s Enchantment features your favorite Disney music, light projections down Main Street USA, special light effects, and Disney fireworks. This new Disney Enchantment fireworks is roughly 15 minutes long.  

Disney fireworks

The Disney Enchantment fireworks are the first time Main Street USA has been featured in a Magic Kingdom firework show.  The new Main Street projections add a new challenge to your Disney World firework experience. 

For best viewing of this new Disney World firework show, you’ll want to get a spot early somewhere down the middle of Main Street USA.  This will give views of the fireworks and Main Street!

disney world fireworks

Interestingly enough, die hard Disney fans don’t love Enchantment yet. Many of these Disney fans have attachments to Disney’s Happily Ever After and even older yet, Wishes.

I’m confident saying that most Disney fans will love the new Magic Kingdom firework show, Enchantment through time. All Disney firework shows are unique and they are all amazing in their own ways. 



Disney Epcot Fireworks 

One of the most beloved Disney firework shows of all time resided at Epcot.  Epcot’s Illuminations is the most infamous Disney Firework show. 

In 2019, the Epcot firework show was temporarily replaced with Epcot Forever. Disney’s Epcot Forever was a temporary Disney World firework show until Disney’s Harmonious debuted. 

 In October 2021, Disney Harmonious made its grand debut.  To get ready for Epcot Harmonious, several large barges we’re placed in Epcot World Showcase lagoon. 

disney fireworks

These new barges in Epcot’s World Showcase Lagoon project Disney movie scenes, water fountains, colored lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and more. 

The Disney Harmonious show also features your favorite Disney songs in 11 languages.  Like Epcot, this new Disney Epcot firework show brings the world and culture to this new Disney firework show. 

Similar to Disney’s Enchantment, Disney’s Harmonious is also approximately 20 minutes long.  Since this Epcot Firework show takes place on World Showcase lagoon, there are plenty of good viewing locations. 

epcot fireworks

But for best Disney Harmonious viewing, I would try to get a spot anywhere on World Showcase lagoon railing.  Besides the railing of the lake, other great sports are the Italy pavilion, the Germany pavilion, and the boat launch closest to Spaceship Earth. 

We recommend these areas for viewing because they position you best to view the projections on the Harmonious barges. Regardless, you get great views all around Epcot World Showcase lagoon. 

The new Disney Firework show Harmonious is getting rave reviews for all kinds of Disney fans. The new technology and Disney music and movies have combined for an incredible Disney World firework show.  



Disney Hollywood Studios Fireworks

While Disney Hollywood Studios doesn’t truly have Disney fireworks, they do have an amazing Disney nighttime spectacular.  Disney Hollywood Studios Fantasmic is a night time show with a few fireworks too! 

Disney’s Fantasmic tells the story of Sorcerer Mickey Mouse and his battle with all your favorite Disney villain’s. This Disney nighttime show features water fountains, pyrotechnics, over 50 live performers, and a 40 foot tall dragon. 

disney fantasmic

Throughout the show, there are also a few Disney fireworks! For the rest of 2021, Disney’s Fantasmic will be temporarily unavailable while they reimage this Disney show for the 50th anniversary celebration. 

Despite the face that Disney Fantamsic isn’t a Disney firework show, it still brings our favorite Disney characters to life in this nighttime spectacular.  Make sure to check out Disney World Fantasmic when it returns in 2022!  



Disney World Fireworks Time 

One of the most common questions about Disney World Fireworks, is what time are the Disney Fireworks? Long story short, the Disney Firework time revolves around the Disney Park closing. 

Right now, Disney Enchantement at the Magic Kingdom is at 8:00 or 9:00 PM depending on park closing time. Disney’s Harmonious is at 9:00 and 10:00 PM depending on park closing.

disney world fireworks

Generally, the Disney World firework time is right before park closing. It’s pretty efficient to gauge what time the Disney fireworks are from the park hours calendar.  



Disney Fireworks 

No Disney vacation is complete without watching Disney fireworks over Cinderella Castle. Each Disney firework and nighttime show is different and unique. 

disney world fireworks

I love each Disney World firework show so I recommend trying all three for your next Disney World trip.  Make your trip even more magical with the Disney fireworks! 



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