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Things Coming to Disney World in 2022


Disney World Changes in 2022

Over the past few years, Disney World has changed a lot and 2022 will be no exception.  In 2022, both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom will (hopefully) be receiving new e-ticket attractions. 

So what do you have to look forward to at Walt Disney World in 2022? Check out all the changes and additions to Walt Disney World for your next Disney trip!

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

One of the major additions to Disney World in 2022 will be the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Coaster. The new Guardians coaster will be located at Epcot. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will be a family-friendly roller coaster that rotates 360 degrees and even goes backwards. 

guardians disney 2022 change
Photo from Disney World webpage

Testing for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride is already ongoing and Disney announced the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will open in the summer of 2022. No doubt, this will be one of the top new Disney attractions in 2022. 

This attractions will be a major Disney addition in 2022 and an amazing Disney e-ticket ride going forward. If you have family members that are looking for Disney World thrill rides, this is a perfect Disney ride to add to your list in 2022. 



Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser 

One of the most anticipated Disney World 2022 additions in the new Star Wars hotel.  The new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will be a totally immersive 2 night, 3 day experience that allows you to live your own Star Wars experience. 

This new Disney 2022 experience is scheduled to open in March 2022. The Galactic Starcruiser Disney World allows Disney guests to interact with their favorite Star Wars characters, attend light saber training, and even control the ship. 

disney star wars hotel disney changes
Photo from Disney World webpage

As part of the immersive experience, guests of the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser get to visit Star Wars Galaxy Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. For more information on the Disney World Star Wars hotel, check out the Disney World webpage! 

The new Disney Star Wars hotel is one of the most anticipated Disney World 2022 experience. If you are a Star Wars fan, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss! 



Disney Genie Plus

While Disney Genie Plus debuted at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in late 2022, it will still be a new Disney 2022 experience for many Disney fans. 

The Disney Genie Plus system is the new paid Disney fastpass system. This system costs $15 per day at Disney World and $20 per day at Disneyland. 

disney genie

Another part of the Disney Genie Plus system is Individual Lighting Lane attractions. There is a lot of confusion around the new Disney World and Disneyland Genie Plus system but it’s one way to skip the line. 

The new modified Disney fastpass system will be new to most Disney guests in 2022. Check out our full review of the Disney Genie Plus system



Disney Finding Nemo the Musical

The Disney Finding Nemo Musical closed in early 2020 as part of the COVID shutdown. But once the Disney World Parks reopened, the Finding Nemo Musical did not. 

disney 2022 change finding nemo musical

The Finding Nemo Musical at Animal Kingdom will return in 2022 but with a few differences. This Disney show will still have your favorite Finding Nemo characters and your favorite Finding Nemo songs but will also feature a few changes. 

If you’re planning to visit Disney in 2022, check out the changes to the Animal Kingdom Finding Nemo Musical! 




Since roughly 2010, the Disney MagicBand has been an integral part to any Disney World vacation.  But another big Disney World 2022 change is the new MagicBand+. 

The MagicBand Plus will debut as part of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. The new Disney MagicBands will still have all the same features like opening your hotel room door and allowing for charging at Disney Parks.

disney magicband+
Photo from Disney Parks Blog

But this the Disney MagicBand plus will more interactive features that allow Disney guests to interact with characters in the Disney parks and even light up during the Disney firework shows. 

The Disney MagicBand Plus available in 2022 will further immerse Disney guests in the parks. Make sure to check out this new Disney 2022 addition! 



Mears Connect

Starting in 2022, the Disney World Magical Express is going away. The Disney’s Magical Express brought Disney guests from the Orlando International Airport to the Walt Disney World resort. 

disney 2022 change

This Disney service is going away in 2022 but it will be replaced by Mears Connect. The major difference between Mears Connect and the Disney Magical Express is cost. The Magical Express is free but Mears Connect will have a small charge per person. 

The Mears Connect will also have many different price points for different options. Whatever package you pick, the Mears Connect is an easy way to get to Disney World in 2022 and beyond. 



Disney Amazon Echo Devices

As a part of the Disney 2022 changes, Disney World and Disneyland will be installing Amazon Echo Devices in all Disney World resort rooms.  The new Amazon Alexa devices will be called Hey Disney! 

disney amazon echo
Photo from Disney Parks Blog

The Hey Disney system will use Alexa and Amazon technology to get vocal updates on what’s going around in Disney World and at your Disney resort. 

Disney guests will start seeing the Hey Disney systems in their Disney hotel rooms in 2022. This is just another Disney 2022 change to look forward to at the Disney Parks! 



Disney Fantasmic Returns 

One of the best parts to any Disney vacation is the Disney Fireworks! When both Disney World and Disneyland shutdown in 2020, Fantasmic closed for a lengthy refurbishment. 

disney fantasmic returns

Starting at Disney in 2022, Fantasmic will return to both Disney World and Disneyland.  Disney’s Fantasmic will still feature many of your favorite Disney characters and scenes while even featuring some new scenes and Disney magic! 

Look forward to this Disney Firework show coming back to both Disney World and Disneyland in 2022! 



Moana Journey of Water 

One of the new Disney attractions in 2022 (hopefully) will be the Moana Journey of Water at Epcot!  The Moana Journey of Water will be an exploration trail that walks Disney guests through a magical, water maze. 

If you’re family loves Moana, this will be the first Moana attraction at any Disney Park. This new Epcot attraction will be located in World Nature near Soarin, Figment, and the Living Seas. 

moana disney 2022 change
Photo from Disney Parks Blog

At this point, there has been no official word on when the Moana Journey of Water will open but we are hopeful this will be another Disney addition in 2022. 

Additionally, Epcot has been going through a major transformation since 2021 so check out all the Epcot changes in 2022 and beyond



Tron: Lightcycle Run 

The Disney attraction that we are most excited for in 2022 is the Tron Lightcycle Run! The Tron Lightcycle Run is a new roller coaster that will be located at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. 

This new Disney coaster will be a semi-enclosed motorbike roller coaster based on the Tron Lightcycle Run movie. Tron has been under construction for several years but has faced delays due to the pandemic. 

tron disney 2022 changes

Disney has started initial testing of this new Disney ride but no opening date has been released. There are rumors that this new Disney attraction will open in late 2022 or early 2023. 

Until then, we are hopefully this will be one of the biggest Disney changes in 2022!



Disney Changes in 2022 

As you can tell, there are several new additions to Disney in 2022 but there are also a few things going away.  There are also many new Disney attractions in 2022, several of them e-ticket! 

Another big change for Disney in 2022 is the Disney Genie Plus system. The Disney Genie+ system will significantly change your Disney Park day and let you skip the lines. 

disney 2022 changes

Make sure to know what’s going to change at Disney in 2022 and have the best Disney vacation yet! 



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