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Disney World Park Hopper – What You Need to Know!


Disney World Park Hopper

Picking a Disney World ticket is more complicated than you think. Walt Disney World offers many different ticket options and it can be difficult to choose. 

Disney’s Park Hopper is one of the most popular ticket options and the Park Hopper is coming back in 2021!

Disney World Park Hopper

One of the most popular Disney World ticket options is the Disney Park Hopper. I always recommend the Disney World Park Hopper because you can visit more than one Disney park a day! 

For all the information you need to know about Disney Park Hoppers and why you should buy a Park Hopper, read more below! 

Disney Park Hopper


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What is the Disney Park Hopper?

If your heard of the Disney World Park Hopper, people were talking about their Disney World Park ticket.  Many years ago, Disney introduced the Disney Park Hopper allowing guests to visit more than more Disney Park per day. 

Disney Park Hopper

So how does the Park Hopper work?  Typically, you show up at one Disney Park in the morning and later in the day you can visit any other Disney Park.  For example, you could visit Magic Kingdom in the morning and Epcot in the evening. 


The Disney World Park Hopper gives you flexibility during your Disney vacation. My family likes to take advantage of the Disney Park Hopper for dining.  You can visit one park during the day and get dinner at another park via your Disney World Park Hopper. 


What does a Disney World Park Hopper Cost? 

The simple answer is it depends. For a 7 day vacation, the Disney Park Hopper will cost about $100 dollars more.  For a single day Disney ticket, it roughly costs $20 more. 

Disney World Park Hopper

In Disney terms, this is a relatively small price for flexibility.  Overall, your Disney vacation will be more relaxed because you can visit the Disney park you want, whenever you want! 

In addition to the price, Disney days use a lot of phone battery. Always make sure to bring several portable phone chargers in your Disney Park Bag! This is a great charger on Amazon! 



Disney Park Hopper Post Disney Reopening

When Disney World closed during the COVID pandemic, Disney paused the purchase of Disney World Park Hopper tickets. With the COVID-19 shutdown, Disney park goers were only allowed to visit one Disney park per day. 

But on January 1, 2021, Disney is bringing the Disney Park Hopper back! After the Disney reopening, you will finally have to the chance to visit more than one Disney Park per day! 



How will the Disney World Park Hopper Work Post COVID? 

In the past, the Disney Park Hopper was pretty straightforward.  You could just show up to the Disney Park without making any plans or worrying. 

Now to visit any Disney Park, you need to get a reservation through the Disney Park Pass System .  To use a Disney Park Hopper now, you must first get a reservation through the Disney Park Pass System. 

Disney Park Hopper

On the day of your park visit, you’ll go to the Disney Park and later in the day you can check the My Disney Experience app for additional park availability.

Depending on park availability, you can then Park Hop to the rest of the Disney Parks! 

For more information about Disney World tickets, check out the Disney World webpage



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