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Epcot Construction Updates for 2021 and Beyond


Epcot Renovations Coming in the Future 

At the D23 conference in 2019, Disney announced many big changes coming to the Disney Parks in the next few years.  Included in the D23 announcements, was that Epcot will be majorly renovated over the next few years.

With Disney’s 50th anniversary coming up in October, the goal was to have many Epcot changes done by October but COVID had other plans! 

Epcot construction model

With all the Epcot updates and changes coming up, it is important to note that World Showcase will continue to be “a celebration of culture, cuisine, architecture, and traditions – infused with new magic” and remain relatively unchanged. 

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World Showcase Changes

For adults, one of our favorite parts to Disney World is Epcot’s World Showcase.  While Epcot is getting some significant changes, the World Showcase updates will be relatively minor so don’t fret your favorite World Showcase attractions will be gone. 



United Kingdom Updates

A major Epcot update to World Showcase would a Mary Poppin’s themed attraction at the UK pavilion.  Due to COVID, the Mary Poppins attraction and the major World Showcase update as been put on the back burner.  

Hopefully the Epcot updates will feature a Mary Poppins attraction in the future though.  The Mary Poppin attraction would take guests high above the trees of Cherry Tree Lane on this slow moving family attraction. 

Mary Poppins - Epcot changes
Disney concept art from Disney Parks Blog

Even though this major World Showcase update is currently on the back burner, there have been a few smaller modifications to World Showcase. 


Canada Updates

In the Canada pavilion, the current Circle vision movie has been replaced with “Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360.”  This new addition to Canada, offers new scenes and a new storyline. 

Canada Epcot updates
Disney concept art from Disney Parks Blog



China Updates

Similar to the Canada Circle Vision update, China is also receiving an update to their movie too. China didn’t have a 360 degree Circle Vision movie in the past, but “Wonderous China” will take guests on a journey through China in this Epcot update! 

China Epcot update
Epcot concept art from Disney Park Blog


France Changes

The most significant changes to World Showcase will be in the France pavilion.  In 2021, Epcot is getting the long awaited Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction, a new restaurant, Le Creperie De Paris, and a Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along.


Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will be a slow moving, family ride that takes you through the kitchen with Remy from Ratatouille. This attraction is an Epcot update but is already a fan favorite at Disneyland Paris. 

Disney looks to be nearing completion on Remy’s Ratatouille so we expect this attraction to open in 2021. 


World Showcase is also receiving a new restaurant, Le Creperie De Paris.  Everyone loves French food so Epcot is getting another French restaurant with table service, quick service and all the crepes you could ask for. 

The final addition to the France Pavilion is a new Beauty and the Beast sing-along.  Don’t worry though, Impressions de France is still around too.  The new Beauty and the Beast sing-along is a great World Showcase attraction for families! 

Beauty and the Beast Movie
Epcot concept art from Disney Parks Blog


Future World Transformation

The old Future World at Epcot will be transformed into three distinct neighborhoods, World Celebration, World Nature, and World Discovery during the Epcot renovation! 

epcot construction
Photo from Disney Parks Blog


World Celebration

World Celebration is the middle section of Epcot where Spaceship Earth and the park entrance is located.  The goal of World Celebration is celebrate Epcot, the world we live in, and connect us to others from around the world.

One of the projects for World Celebration was to update Epcot’s entrance.

For those that have been to Epcot before, there is a lot of concrete and a futuristic feel but the Epcot construction will integrate more greenery.  Disney is likely making this change as part of Walt’s original vision for Epcot.   

epcot construction update
Epcot concept art from the Disney Parks Blog

Along with the Epcot construction, Spaceship Earth was supposed to get a major refresh but this has been put on hold with the COVID pandemic. 

In the future, Spaceship Earth will be likely still be updated to focus on storytelling and how stories impact human connection. We’ll look forward to this Epcot update in the future.


Also in World Celebration was supposed to be the World Celebration pavilion.  The original plans, you can see below, called for a three tier structure at the center of Epcot for festivals, firework viewing and more. 

world celebration pavilion  

Disney has started referring to the World Celebration Pavilion as an area indicating this Epcot project is probably being scaled back significantly. 

World Celebration and Epcot’s renovation will honor Walt Disney and his vision for Epcot with a special memorial, Dreamer’s Point.  A new Walt Disney statue will be placed in Epcot between Spaceship Earth and World Showcase. 



World Nature

The right hand side of Epcot will now be called World Nature. In World Nature, Epcot is focused on the beauty of planet Earth and the nature surrounding us. 

World Nature will feature the Living Seas, the Land Pavilion, and the Imagination Pavilion and many new additions too.

One of the most notable additions for the Epcot construction will be the “Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.” The Journey of Water will be a walk through attraction featuring magical water and your favorite Moana characters. 

World nature - epcot changes
Disney concept art from Disney Parks Blog

The Land Pavilion is also getting a new addition with Awesome Planet. Awesome Planet is a film looking at the beauty, diversity, and story of the planet Earth.  This new addition opened in January 2020 so you can visit now! 



World Discovery

The final addition to the updated Epcot is World Discovery, on the left side of the park.  World Discovery focuses on science, technology, and the adventures we face in life. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - Epcot
From Disney Parks Blog

Epcot’s renovation will feature a brand new e-Ticket attraction, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Roller Coaster. The Guardians of the Galaxy coaster will take you through the Guardians of the Galaxy universe in a thrilling ride.  

Disney is using brand new Imagineering technology with the Guardians coaster so the ride rotates 360 degrees and launches you backwards.  You will spin around, go backwards and get a pretty adventurous ride. 

For a sneak peek of this attraction, check out the clip below!


If you love thrill rides, this new Disney roller coaster is for you and your family. The Guardians coaster is near completion so there is hope it will open in time for Disney’s 50th anniversary in October 2021 but the timeline indicates 2022 may be more likely. 

A long awaited addition to World Discovery is the Space 220 restaurant. Crazy enough, Space 220 was supposed to open in late 2019 but due to delays and the ongoing pandemic, Space 220 still hasn’t opened.  

Space 220 - Epcot renovation
Disney concept art by Disney Parks Blog

The Space 220 restaurant will take you 220 miles above Earth to the international space station. You will have the chance to dine with panoramic views of outer space. 

While we don’t have an opening date for Space 220, it should be open sometime in 2021. 

The final addition to World Discovery is the Play Pavilion.  The Play Pavilion will be an interactive city with games, activities and experiences that you can do with your whole family.

World Discovery - Epcot construction
Photo from Disney Parks Blog

While there aren’t many specifics about what is going in the Play Pavilion, I can imagine it will be an advanced version of the old Innovations Pavilions (for those that are old enough to remember Innovations, haha)




The final Epcot update is the new night show!

Illuminations was one of the longest running shows at Walt Disney World but Epcot is also getting a new nighttime show, Harmonious! 

Harmonious construction is well underway with large barges now located in Epcot’s World Showcase Lagoon. In true Disney form, Harmonious will feature large barges, fireworks, lasers, LED video screens, fountains, fire, and more. 

Harmonious Epcot Changes
Disney concept art from Disney Parks Blog

In Harmonious, Disney will celebration Disney music and it’s impact on people all around the world. This new night time show is set to put Epcot’s renovation over the top!



Epcot Construction Conclusion

In the mean time while all these Epcot construction efforts are ongoing, Epcot is majorly under construction. 

Many of your favorite Epcot attractions may be temporary closed and you will certainly see many scaffolding walls but it will all be worth it for the great Epcot updates coming soon! 

For information on Disney World’s Epcot updates, check out the Disney Parks Blog and the D23 webpage. 


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  1. Someday I will make it to Epcot! With all of the changes coming up, at least the wait will be worthwhile. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. I am so excited about these changes! The last time we were at Disney we were SO disappointed by Epcot but I can’t wait to see how these changes will provide our family with a holistic experience next time!

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