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Magic Kingdom Genie Plus Strategies and Tips

Guide for Genie+ at the Magic Kingdom 

Walt Disney World introduced the new Genie+ system in late 2021 to allow Disney guests to skip the line. The Disney Genie+ system is confusing but it can be very helpful depending on the goals of your Disney World vacation.

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom is one of the best places to use Genie+.  Check out the best strategies and tips for using and getting the most out of Genie+ at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. 

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What is Disney’s Genie Plus?

For years and years, the key to navigating Walt Disney World was the Disney Fastpass System. In late 2021, Disney introduced a new “paid” Fastpass system called Genie+.

To be honest, the Disney Genie Plus system is pretty complicated and takes patience to navigate.  There are two paid options associated with Disney’s Genie+. 

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The Disney World Genie Plus option you hear about most often lets you skip the line at almost all the Disney World attractions.  At the Magic Kingdom, Genie Plus will give you access to every attraction except one or two. 

The other Disney Genie Plus option is called individual lightening lane. At each Disney World theme park, there is one or two attractions that are designated as individual lightening lanes. 

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The nice thing about Disney’s Genie Plus is you can purchase both paid options in one day and maximize your time at Walt Disney World. 

Now this is just a brief overview of Genie Plus. Check out our post on Navigating Disney’s Genie Plus for more information on how the new Disney Fastpass system works, how much Genie Plus costs, and much more! Or check out the Walt Disney World Guide to Genie Plus



Magic Kingdom Genie Plus Rides 

So what Magic Kingdom rides are included in Genie Plus? The good news is you can ride almost every Magic Kingdom ride with Genie Plus. 

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Check out the list of Magic Kingdom Genie Plus rides below: 

  • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin 
  • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor 
  • Space Mountain 
  • Tomorrowland Speedway 
  • Mad Tea Party 
  • It’s a Small World 
  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant 
  • The Barnstormer 
  • Haunted Mansion 
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 
  • Meet Ariel at her Grotto 
  • Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid 
  • Mickey’s Philarmagic 
  • Meet Tiana 
  • Meet Mickey and Minnie at Town Square
  • Meet Cinderella 
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin 
  • Disney Festival of the Fantasy Parade viewing

There are a few Magic Kingdom rides that don’t have a Genie plus lane though. The Astro Orbiter, the Tomorrowland People Mover, and Prince Charming’s Carousel, and Carousel of Progress aren’t available with Genie Plus at the Magic Kingdom. 



Magic Kingdom Individual Lightening Lane 

While most Disney Magic Kingdom rides are included with Genie Plus, there are two Magic Kingdom rides that are individual lightening lane attractions. 

magic kingdom genie+

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Tron Lightcycle Run (opening in April 2023) will both be Magic Kingdom individual lightening lane rides. 

Both of these Magic Kingdom rides are extremely popular so these Magic Kingdom individual lightening lanes often sell out quickly. 



Is Genie Plus Worth It at the Magic Kingdom? 

The million dollar question is Genie Plus worth it at the Magic Kingdom.  That’s a hard question and the answer is it depends. 

When considering if Genie Plus is worth it at the Magic Kingdom, you need to consider your budget, the crowds, and what you would like to accomplish. 

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If you are visiting Walt Disney World during busy times of year like Spring Break, Christmas, and during the summer, crowds are likely to be higher. During peak crowd times, Magic Kingdom Genie Plus may be worth it. 

The other big thing to consider is your Walt Disney World budget. Genie Plus can add up really quickly. If you are visiting the Magic Kingdom with a party of 4, Genie Plus is going to be expensive and you will need to consider if its worth it. 



Magic Kingdom Genie Plus Priorities 

One of the most challenging parts to consider is how to prioritize and strategize for using Genie Plus at the Magic Kingdom.  When planning your Magic Kingdom Genie Plus strategy, you first need to consider your priorities. 

Does you family prioritize family friendly rides like Peter Pan’s Flight or thrill rides like Space Mountain?  Consider your top Magic Kingdom ride priority. 

If you are looking for family friendly rides, I would recommend getting a Magic Kingdom Genie Plus for Peter Pan’s Flight first. This ride typically goes faster than any other family friendly Magic Kingdom ride. 

peter pans flight

If you are looking for thrills, I would recommend getting a Magic Kingdom Genie+ for Space Mountain. This is typically the most popular Magic Kingdom thrill ride. 

Other Magic Kingdom Genie Plus rides that typically go very quickly is the Jungle Cruise and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  

If you looking to snag a Magic Kingdom Genie Plus for one of the most popular Magic Kingdom rides than I would try to get a reservation for this ride at 7 AM (as soon as your can make a Genie Plus reservation). 

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The other part of planning a Magic Kingdom Genie Plus strategy is time. If you plan to arrive at the Magic Kingdom at rope drop, I would schedule your first Magic Kingdom Genie Plus ride for two to three hours after park opening. 

Disney Parks are usually still a bit sleepy first thing in the morning so I wouldn’t consider ride your second, third, fourth, and so on rides before using your Magic Kingdom Genie Plus a few hours after opening. 

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If you are planning to get to the Magic Kingdom mid-day or later, I would get your Genie Plus reservation for mid-day or whenever you arrive at the park.

The Magic Kingdom Genie Plus hack is stack your Genie Plus reservations for later in the day. After you make your first Magic Kingdom Genie+ reservation at 7 AM, you can make another whenever you use the first one or two hours after park opening.

Make sure to make another Genie Plus reservation as soon as you can to maximize your Magic Kingdom Genie Plus strategy. 



Magic Kingdom Genie Plus 

In my opinion, using Genie Plus at the Magic Kingdom is one of the best Disney Parks to use it at.  You can use Genie Plus at more than 20 Magic Kingdom rides. 

magic kingdom genie plus

In general, I think Genie Plus is worth it because you can maximize your time and avoid lines at much as possible. Make sure to use these Magic Kingdom Genie Plus hacks on your next Disney Trip! 


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