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Every Magic Kingdom Ride at Walt Disney World


Magic Kingdom Rides and Attractions

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is famous for being the Happiest Place on Earth! Disney World has all kinds of rides and attractions that are great for families, kids, and all the thrill seekers in your family! 

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If your visiting Disney World soon, you’ll want to check out many of these Magic Kingdom rides! 

Magic Kingdom rides


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Tommorowland – Magic Kingdom Rides 

Tomorrowland is Walt Disney’s vision of what the future would look like. Tomorrowland has many Magic Kingdom rides and attractions that bring space, the future, and the world of tomorrow to Walt Disney World. 

I know some people think Tommorowland is outdated but Tommorowland is one of my favorite places in the Magic Kingdom. The sounds, lights, and atmosphere along with the unique Magic Kingdom rides make this one of my favorite parts of Disney World! 


Space Mountain

Space Mountain is the original Disney World roller coaster and first roller coaster at any Disney park. While Space Mountain is a roller coaster, it doesn’t have super fast speeds or big drops but it has hair pin turns and the darkness of space. 

space mountain - magic kingdom ride

For many, Space Mountain is a great roller coaster you’re entire family can enjoy together.  Looking at all the Magic Kingdom attractions, Space Mountain is many people’s favorite Magic Kingdom ride and even some people’s favorite Disney World ride. 

If you haven’t ridden Space Mountain, you should definitely consider it on your next Disney vacation! 

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Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin brings out the competitive side in everyone.  On this attraction, you help Buzz fight the evil Emperor Zerg by shooting the Zerg targets. This Magic Kingdom attraction is more of a game and less of a ride! 

Buzz Lightyear - magic kingdom attraction

This is a ride that your whole family can enjoy from babies to grandparents. This Magic Kingdom attraction is great for the entire family and lets your entire family fight Zerg and become one of Buzz’s Space Cadets! 


Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

If you love Mike Wazowski or Monsters Inc., this Magic Kingdom attraction will be right up your alley. Mike hosts a comedy show with the help of your favorite Monsters Inc. characters. 

During the comedy show, a few guests even get called out and get to participate in the fun. This is a fun show that your entire family will love. As a childless millennial, I still make sure to visit this Magic Kingdom show ever time I visit Walt Disney World. 




Astro Orbiters

The Astro Orbiter rockets fly high above Tomorrowland and give you a picturesque view of the Magic Kingdom. The rockets can seat one or two people and spin high up in air so be cautious of this Magic Kingdom ride if you don’t like spinning or heights.

Tomorrowland - Disney
Photo by Tom Bricker at

The Astro Orbiters are lots of fun but I don’t think they are worth a long wait time. There is only one set of rockets so it takes awhile to get on the Astro Orbiters. This is the type of Disney attraction that you ride every few Disney trips or when the line is really short. 


Tommorowland Speedway

The Tomorrowland Speedway holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite childhood Magic Kingdom rides.  On the Tomorrowland Speedway, you have the chance to ride electric cars around the Magic Kingdom. 

Magic Kingdom ride - tomorrowland speedway

Most of the time, this Magic Kingdom attraction actually has a decently long wait time because this ride is a favorite of kids. If your traveling to Disney with kids, consider taking them on the Speedway. They love to get the chance to drive, especially at the Happiest Place on Earth. 

If your only an adults only Disney vacation, maybe consider skipping this Magic Kingdom attraction. Its very similar to go-karts but if the wait time is low, it’s a fun experience you’ll love! 


Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress 

The Carousel of Progress is an original Magic Kingdom attraction that was created for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. This attraction was so popular Walt Disney decided to include this ride in the Magic Kingdom. 

On the Carousel of Progress, you’ll enter a rotating theater that looks at the nostalgia of the American past and also looks into the future. This Magic Kingdom ride features the famous song “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”

Magic Kingdom attraction - Carousel of Progress

This is a fun show and educational experience for your entire family. I try to do this Disney attraction at least once every few trips. Pro tip: if your looking for a cold, dark resting place at the Magic Kingdom, this show is the perfect spot for a break! 


Tomorrowland Transit Authority 

The Tomorrowland Transity Authority is also referred to as the TTA. In my opinion, the TTA is majorly underrated.  The TTA takes your through Tomorrowland and provides picturesque views of the Magic Kingdom. The views are the best at night! 

My family makes sure to ride the TTA every trip because it offers great views of the Magic Kingdom, and is a fun spot to sit and enjoy the Magic Kingdom. 


Fantasyland – Magic Kingdom Attractions

Fantasyland is Walt Disney’s vision of the old time Fairytale stories you read as children. Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland is home to the iconic Cinderella’s Castle. 


Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom underwent major expansion in 2014.  This area of the Magic Kingdom is home to many classic Disney attractions and many attractions that are great for families! 

If you like to wear Disney apparel at home, check out this “I Live in Fantasyland” shirt. I have this exact shirt and love it! 



Mad Tea Cups

A classic Disney attraction that brings fantasy to life is the Mad Tea Cups! The Mad Tea Cups portray a tea party thrown by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. On the Tea Cups, you can spin as fast or slow as your want making it a fun experience!

Mad Tea Cups - Magic Kingdom ride

Word for the wise, if you get motion sickness this may not be a great Magic Kingdom ride for you. If you do love to spin or go fast, consider riding this attraction when the line is low. 


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

One of the additions to Fantasyland was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster! The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most popular Magic Kingdom rides so this attraction always has a long line. 

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a slower moving roller coaster that brings you through the 7 Dwarfs mine! If your kids are new to roller coasters, this is a great option for your family! 

7 Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom ride

The Mine Train frequently has a wait over 60 minutes so you will want to get a Fastpass or ride Seven Dwarfs first thing in the morning.  If you do have to wait to ride this attraction, it has one of the best queues at Walt Disney World. The queue is really interactive, your kids will love it!


Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid 

The Journey of the Little Mermaid brings your favorite Disney movie to life.  This Magic Kingdom attraction is also a new addition to Fantasyland and it’s a family favorite. 

The Journey of the Little Mermaid is a slow moving ride that’s perfect for little girls and Little Mermaid lovers. This ride typically doesn’t have much of a wait so it’s a great attraction to hop on if you have a few spare minutes. 

If you have a little girl in your life, check out this Little Mermaid blanket. It makes for a great Christmas present. 



It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World was originally designed by Disney for the 1964 New York World Fair. The attraction was so popular at the 1964 World Fair that Disney added It’s a Small World to the Magic Kingdom in time for opening day! 

It’s a Small World shows how the world is really a small place and we’re all interconnected in some way. This ride plays tribute to all cultures, people, and countries around the world. 

Small World - Magic Kingdom attraction

Many people remember It’s a Small World because of it’s catchy song. Some love the song and some hate it 🙂 But your sure to come out of It’s a Small World signing the famous song. 


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

A great Fantasyland ride for families with small children is the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  On this Magic Kingdom attraction, you get to ride in one of Pooh’s honeypots and visit Pooh, Tiger, Piglet, and your other favorite Disney characters. 

This is a slow moving, dark ride that takes you through the Winnie the Pooh story. If you have little ones, make sure to check out this ride while at the Magic Kingdom! 


Mickey’s PhilharMagic

In my opinion, one of the most overlooked attractions at the Magic Kingdom is Mickey’s PhilharMagic. In this Magic Kingdom attraction, you enjoy a 3-D production of Mickey’s orchestra along with clips of your favorite Disney movies! 

Mickey's PhilarMagic - Magic kingdom show
Photo from MagicGuides!

Since this show is 3-D, your favorite Disney characters pop out of the movie screen and sing your favorite Disney songs. Additionally, this Magic Kingdom show almost never has a wait time. This is a MUST if you love Disney movies and the magic of Disney!


Peter Pan’s Flight 

Soar through Neverland with Peter, Wendy and even come across Captain Cook in this family friendly attraction.  Peter Pan’s Flight was such a popular attraction at Disneyland that Disney added this attraction to the Magic Kingdom.

This Magic Kingdom ride remains one of the most popular attractions at all Disney Parks.  Even though this ride is an original, it has one of the longest wait times at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

If possible, you will want to get a Fastpass or ride this attraction first thing in the morning.


Dumbo the Flying Elephant 

Dumbo is an icon of the Disney parks and shouldn’t be missed. Dumbo is also an original Disneyland attraction that was so popular they brought it to the Magic Kingdom.

Dumbo - Magic Kingdom ride

The Magic Kingdom’s version of Dumbo now features two side-by-side rides that allow for greater guest capacity. If you have the chance, try out this Magic Kingdom ride! Everyone MUST ride Dumbo at least once in your life, even if you’re an adult! 


Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel 

Disney’s Carrousel’s is a work of art created in the early 1900’s. Prince Charming’s Carrousel is a staple at the Magic Kingdom and is an icon in Fantasyland. 

Regal Carrousel - Disney ride

Prince Charming’s Carrousel is a great attraction for little kids and must be experienced on your first Disney World vacation! You should check out this Magic Kingdom attractions as it’s loved by kids, has great views of the castle, and always has a short line! 


The Barnstormer 

Another family friendly roller coaster located at the Magic Kingdom is the Barnstormer. The Barnstormer is a small roller coaster that’s perfect for kids. This Magic Kingdom roller coaster is perfect as your child’s first roller coaster!

The Barnstormer is based on an accident Goofy had and crashed through the barn.  Despite the fact that this is a family friendly coaster, this Disney ride typically sees decently long wait times.  If your traveling to Disney with kids, make sure to check out the Barnstormer! 



Adventureland – Magic Kingdom Rides

If your looking for an adventure, Disney’s Adventureland is the place for you.  Disney’s Adventureland features many classic Disney attractions that were present at Disney World and Disneyland’s opening days. 

Adventureland - Magic Kingdom

Besides the great attractions, Adventureland also features some of the best food at the Magic Kingdom.  You’ll definitely want to check out Adventureland while at the Magic Kingdom! 


Jungle Cruise

“Here’s Trader Sam. He’s our head salesman in the jungle. He’s got a pretty good deal for you guys today…two of his heads for just one of yours. Either way you slice it, you’ll always come out ahead. That’s a killer deal.”

Jungle Cruise - Magic Kingdom attraction

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is notorious for corny jokes and a trip around the jungle. The Jungle Cruise was an opening day attraction at Disney World and is a can’t miss Magic Kingdom attraction!

Disney is also making The Jungle Cruise Movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt that will be released in 2021. 


The Magic Carpets of Aladdin 

If you love the movie Aladdin, the Magic Carpets may be a great Disney attraction for you.  The Magic Carpets are actually relatively simple, you get to ride on one of Aladdin’s Magic Carpets as they soar up and down throughout the sky. 

Aladdin’s Magic Carpets are very similar to Dumbo and the Astro Orbiters. If you have already checked out Dumbo or the Astro Orbiters, maybe considering skipping this attraction.

But if you have Aladdin loving family members and the Magic Carpets have a short wait, you’ll whole family will have tons of fun on this Magic Kingdom ride! 


Pirates of the Caribbean

While Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t an opening day attraction at Disney World or Disneyland, Pirates was the last attraction Walt personally supervised! Because this is the last ride Walt supervised, this ride holds a special place in my heart. 

In the 2000’s, this ride received a face lift with the addition of Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Do you love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? If so, you’ll love this attraction.

Pirates - Magic Kingdom ride

If you haven’t seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I highly suggest you view them before your Disney vacation! Even if you aren’t a Pirates movie fan, you will love the sentimental feel of this ride!

Also try a fun game on this ride, try to find Jack Sparrow throughout the ride. He’s hidden in some pretty fun places! 


The Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room is a one of a kind Disney ride. Interestingly enough, the Tiki Room is one the first attractions in the world to ever use audio-animatronics. 

Originally intended to be a Hawaiian themed dinner show, the Tiki Room ended up a show. The Tiki Room opened in Disneyland in 1963 and at Disney World’s opening day. 

Tiki room - Magic Kingdom show

Like It’s a Small World, the song will be stuck in your head but it’s a show you need to check out at least once. It’s a great classic Disney attraction!  


Swiss Family Treehouse 

The Swiss Family Treehouse isn’t necessarily an attraction but it’s a fun Magic Kingdom experience. This Disney attraction is based on Swiss Family Robinson and features many scenes from this Disney movie. 

On this Disney World experience, you climb up and walk through the Treehouse that is based on the Swiss Family Robinson movie.  If you haven’t experience this Disney attraction, you must visit it at least once while at Walt Disney World. 



Frontierland – Best Magic Kingdom Rides

Disney’s Frontierland is home to two out of the three Magic Kingdom mountains. The Magic Kingdom Mountains are my personal favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom! 

frontierland - magic kingdom

Frontierland takes you back in time and to the American southwest and these themes transpire in Frontierland’s attractions. Make sure to visit Frontierland while at the Magic Kingdom! 


Splash Mountain

If you want to conquer the mountains while at the Magic Kingdom, you must take a ride on Splash Mountain.  Right now, Splash Mountain is based on the old Disney movie Song of the South but Splash Mountain is being re-themed based on the Disney movie Princess and the Frog. 

Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom ride

As you can picture from the name, Splash Mountain is a flume ride that gives you picturesque views of the Magic Kingdom. If you love thrills, Splash Mountain also offers many big drops for the thrill seekers in your family.

If you haven’t rode Splash Mountain, you should definitely ride this Magic Kingdom ride on your next Disney vacation!  


Big Thunder Mountain

The last of the three Magic Kingdom mountains is the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Big Thunder Mountain takes you on a ride through the Wild West on the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness.”

This ride is another family friendly roller coaster with fast speeds, twists and turns, and even a few drops. This is a family friendly coaster that still appeals to those thrill seekers in your family.

Big Thunder Mountain - Magic Kingdom attraction

Big Thunder Mountain is another Magic Kingdom ride that I ride at least once every vacation. This is a CAN’T MISS on your next Disney trip! 


Country Bear Jamboree 

To be totally honest, I haven’t visited the Country Bear Jamboree since I was a little kids. The Country Bear Jamboree is a show that features your favorite Bears from the Disney Country Bears movie. 

The Country Bears show has original Disney audio-animatronics that appear all over the theater.  This is a classic Disney attraction that can be enjoyed by your whole family! 


Tom Sawyer’s Island 

On Tom Sawyer’s Island, take an adventure fit for Tom Sawyer while exploring the caves, caverns, and scenic surrounding.  To get to Tom Sawyer’s Island, you get to sail aboard a raft straight out of the Adventure of Tom Sawyer. 

If your family is into adventures, this Magic Kingdom attraction is perfect for you! If your interested in more information on Tom Sawyer’s Island, check out the Disney World webpage



Liberty Square – Magic Kingdom Attractions

On of the smallest sections of the Magic Kingdom is Liberty Square. Liberty Square is set back in time around the time of the American revolution. 

Liberty square - magic kingdom

Liberty Square is only home to a few Magic Kingdom attractions but you should definitely visit these Disney rides while at the Magic Kingdom! 



Haunted Mansion 

Another one of my favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom is the Haunted Mansion. At the Haunted Mansion, visit the 999 “Happy Haunts” in their Haunted Mansion and even pick up a hitchhiking ghost! 

Haunted mansion - magic kingdom ride

This is a Magic Kingdom ride that is slow moving and fun for your entire family. Even though the Haunted Mansion is a family friendly attraction, the pre-show can be a bit spooky for little kids! 

When you’re invited into the Mansion, you’ll go into a room and this part can be a bit scary. Just be prepared to hold your kids hands, it does get very dark! There are small scary elements but this Disney ride will still be loved by your whole family! 


The Hall of Presidents 

If your looking for a classic, educational attraction at Disney World, you should check out the Hall of Presidents. With the recent election, the Hall of Presidents should be updated in 2021. 

The Hall of Presidents feature audio-animatronic versions of every American President with a historical depiction of each American presidency. This is an attraction that’s inside and never has a wait time so it’s a great attraction to take a break from the Florida heat! 


Liberty Square Riverboat 

On the Liberty Square Riverboat, you can take a ride on a large paddle-wheel riverboat that brings you around Tom Sawyer’s Island. On this Magic Kingdom ride, you will see cabins, wildlife and animatronics. 

This ride does usually last about a half an hour so it does take up a good chunk of time. If you are looking for an educational element to your Disney vacation, check out the Liberty Square Riverboat. 

Liberty square riverboat - magic kingdom attraction

There are so many Magic Kingdom rides that it can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure to check out my favorite Disney rides while at the Magic Kingdom and have an amazing Disney vacation! 


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