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My Disney Experience – What You Need to Know


So what is My Disney Experience? Disney created My Disney Experience to help Walt Disney World guests plan their Disney vacations! Everything is done on my Disney Experience from hotel reservations, to park tickets, and even charges you made in the parks. My Disney Experience has become very important to having a successful Disney World vacation and will be even more critical in the future! 

my disney experience homepage

Interested in My Disney Experience, check it out onthe Disney World webpage!

What is My Disney Experience? 

Right now, to book any kind of vacation or reservation at Walt Disney World you are required to create a My Disney Experience account.  On the My Disney Experience website or application, you have the option to create an account or sign in. Looking to make a hotel reservation, purchase park tickets, reserve Fastpasses, modify your Magic Band or make a dining reservation? These all require a My Disney Experience account. 

Disney World is going to continue using My Disney Experience more and more especially in the post-coronavirus world. 

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What is a Magic Band? 

I mentioned Magic Bands above, so what is a Magic Band? Disney created Magic Bands, around the same time My Disney Experience was rolled out, to compliment My Disney Experience and allow guests to wear their park ticket, Fastpasses, room keys, etc. on their wrist.   

On the My Disney Experience site or app, you can link much of your information to a Magic Band which then serves as your park ticket, room key, Fastpass, and your credit card. For Disney guests, it was amazing to not have to search for your room check or park ticket. Everything was right on your wrist! It also made your Disney vacation more magical because you never had to charge your credit card and it truly made you feel like your were in a fantasy world! 


Magic band at Disney world

Disney World had so much success with the Magic Bands, they started providing each resort guest with a complimentary Magic Band on check in. They continually introduce new designs with your favorite characters and attractions. Recently, they allow you to personalize your Magic Band with your name and engravings.

After the 2020 Disney World shutdown, Disney announced they would no longer be providing complimentary Magic Bands to resort guests. Guests will now have the option to purchase a Magic Band at a discounted price, use the My Disney Experience app, or use an old “Key to the World.” I suspect many guest will reuse old Magic Bands they have from previous vacations or purchase a discounted Magic Band. It adds a lot of great functionality to your vacation and it’s a cool souvenir. 

***Disclaimer***  This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn an affiliate commission if you click on an affiliate link. Full disclosure, I only post products that I have or recommend! 

Make sure to get a Disney Magic Band before your next vacation!  


Navigating My Disney Experience Website

While there are tons of menus on the My Disney Experience website, I’m going to highlight the ones that are most important to planning your Disney World vacation!  The website can be a bit intimidating but if you play around with the different menus and options you’ll figure it out in no time!

My Plans

When navigating the My Disney Experience website, the My Plans menu will be your best friend! The My Plans menu on the webpage will contain your dining reservations, hotel reservations, park tickets, Fastpasses, and contain your daily park itinerary. 


My Disney Experience


My Magic Band and Cards

If you’re looking for your park tickets, check the Magic Band and cards menu on the website and tickets and passes! This is also where you purchase new Magic Bands before your Disney vacation!

Family and Friends

The My Family and Friends menu allows you to link your account with the party your traveling with. This will be really important to get Fastpasses together! Every member of your party will need to create a My Disney Experience account!  

You can also personalize your “Disney” avatar on this screen. As you can see above, my character is the Alien from Toy Story! 


If you purchase Memory Maker or like to look at your ride photos, look under My Photos! 


Disney Park Pass System

Once Disney World reopens in July, they will be using a park reservation system for park entry. If you are looking to go to Disney World in the near future, you will need to reserve your park days here! As of now, this system will be in place until September 2021 so many of us may need to use this menu! 

My Disney Experience Park Reservation System


Reserve Dining

This is where you will reserve your dining reservations 180 or 60 days in advance! On your 60 or 180 day mark, the dates you are looking for will be available at 7 A.M. EST. 


Navigating My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience App has tons of menus and features but I’m only going to the highlight the ones you will use frequently. Make sure to play around in the app before your vacation! The app will save you time and make your Disney vacation even better! Trust me, over time you’ll get comfortable with the app! 

You will be on your phone much more than you expect on your Disney World vacation so make sure to pack several Portable Phone Chargers! I have this portable charger and I love it! My fiance and I frequently charge our phones at the same time so the dual ports are really handy! 

Phone Charger

Home Menu

The home screen of the My Disney Experience app has a map of the Disney property, info about stuff going on in the parks, link to your Disney photos, link to the Disney Play app, and park hours. The home screen has links to many other pages on the Disney app so if you’re searching for something special check here first. 

My Disney Experience


If you click on the map, you can view wait times, and options near you like dining, attractions, entertainment, restrooms, shops, guest services, photopass locations, etc. You can also filter these options as needed. 

My Plans

Like the website, the My Plans section on the app will be your best friend! The My Plans menu on the app will contain your dining reservations, hotel reservations, park tickets, Fastpasses, and contain your daily park itinerary.  If you plan on modifying or doing anything related to Fastpasses, this is where you will do it! Get comfortable with this menu as it will be the one you use most frequently!

My Disney Experience

Tickets and Passes 

This is where you will find your Disney park tickets or purchase new park tickets! This screen really only becomes important for adding your ticket at the beginning of your trip! Check out our tips for purchasing Disney World tickets

Resort Hotel 

This spot will contain details about your resort stay. If you are looking for amenities or restaurants at your resort, check out your options here. Additionally, if you make any purchases on your Magic Band, the purchases will be itemized here! This is essentially the receipt for your entire Disney World stay!


If you like to look at your Photopass photos or on ride pictures, check them out here. You can also purchase them for download on the Disney World website! 

Mobile Order

Mobile Order allows your to place your Quick Service order via your phone. There is no waiting in long lines and waiting at the counter for your food, you simply order and get a notification when your food is ready. Most people don’t take advantage of Mobile Order, so make sure to check it out! 


Why is My Disney Experience Important? 

If you have visited Disney World in the past few years, you understand the importance of My Disney Experience. You rely on this website and the application to make dining reservation, Fastpasses, and scheduling your entire day. 

With the Disney World reopening in 2020, they announced they will continue to build out the functionality of My Disney Experience and build all Magic Band functions into the My Disney Experience app. In the future, we can look for the My Disney Experience app to be used as mobile pay, unlock hotel rooms, scan in for Fastpasses and much more. My Disney Experience will be here for the long haul! 

If your interested in checking out My Disney Experience on Disney World’s webpage now or download the app on all major app stores!


Did you know that you can get unlimited Fastpasses at Walt Disney World? We’ll tell you how on our post about Disney World’s Fastpass System !


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  1. Thanks for the great guide! I’m in Australia, and so keen to visit Disney once we can travel again. I didn’t know much about My Disney Experience, other than the Magic Bands, until the virus started. This post explained it all perfectly 🙂

  2. Great info! Keep it coming- very interested to see how things will look when the park reopens.

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