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How to Start Planning your Walt Disney World Vacation

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Walt Disney World Vacation Planning

Walt Disney World vacation planning can be very daunting task. Where do you start? What hotel do you stay at? How many days should you stay for? These are all questions that need to be answered before you can start planning.

How to plan the best Disney world vacation


The first question you need to answer is when. Some people are on a strict timeline based on school or work schedules and can only visit during spring break or holiday breaks. People attending during spring break or holiday break will be visiting Disney at the busiest time and will need to create a plan to make the most out of their Disney vacation. People who are more flexible should take advantage and visit Disney at a least busy time. As a rule of thumb, Disney is more busy when kids are out of school. There are lots of crowd calendars available online but generally good times to visit are early January, February, early March, May, September, early October, early November, and early December.

Disney World railroad

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How Long?

The length of your visit should be dependent on what you want to accomplish. A one day trip to the Magic Kingdom would require significantly less time than a trip to all four theme parks. Each park is unique and appeals to different families so I would recommend researching each park to determine how long you want to visit. The get the most out of your Walt Disney World vacation, I would recommend roughly 7 days! 

Regardless of how long you’re going to visit, take into consideration how much walking you do at Disney parks. I always remember to bring my favorite pair of Adidas Sneakers from Amazon, they are cute and so comfortable! 



Disney World has more than 25 hotels to fit every price range, location preference, and amenity options. To decide on a resort, you will need to determine what location is most important to you and the price point you are comfortable with. 

Disney offers value , moderate, and deluxe resorts to accommodate all your dreams.  The value resorts are loved by kids off all ages because of their elaborate theming and fun swimming pools. The moderate resorts offer both great theming but other amenities like restaurants. The deluxe resorts offer the most luxurious experience and offer close proximity to the parks and all the amenities you could want!

Disney's Contemporary Resort over looking Bay Lake
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When beginning Walt Disney World vacation planning, the best way to start is to consider when you should visit, how long you should stay, and where will you stay. These questions will surely bring more questions and require additional research but these questions give you a jumping off point.

Are you interested in Disney’s Value resorts? Check out our guide to Disney value resorts! 


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