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Maria and Enzo’s at Walt Disney World


Disney’s Maria and Enzo Restaurant 

One of the most delicious Disney Springs restaurants is Maria and Enzo’s.  If you are looking for Italian food at Walt Disney World, Maria and Enzo’s offers some of the best Disney Italian food options. 

 We’ll breakdown the Maria and Enzo menu, what it’s like to dine at Maria and Enzo’s and provide some delicious Disney Springs dining recommendations!

Disney Maria and Enzo's

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Maria and Enzo’s at Disney Springs

First off, you may be asking where Disney’s Maria and Enzo’s? Maria and Enzo’s is located in the Landing section of Disney Springs. Disney Springs Landing is very centrally located and very close to the Disney bus station and the rest of Disney Springs. 

Disney World’s Maria and Enzo’s is located in the red circle highlighted below.  

Disney Springs map

If you’re looking for a conveniently located Disney Springs restaurant, Maria and Enzo’s restaurante should be at the top of your list!  For a more comprehensive look at the Disney Springs map, check out the Disney Springs website!

It’s important to know that Maria and Enzo’s at Disney is only open for dinner. So if you’re going to Disney Springs in the afternoon, Maria and Enzo’s may not be the best option for you. 



Disney Maria and Enzo’s Menu

Who doesn’t love Italian food at Disney World?! Disney World’s Maria and Enzo’s features all of your favorite Italian dishes. 

Like any Italian restaurant, Maria and Enzo’s has a large wine selection but also offers different adult beverages too.  Maria and Enzo’s has sangria, specialty cocktails, and a local and domestic beer selection. 

maria and enzos
Photo from Maria and Enzo’s website

If you’re like me and love to try out more than one drink, Maria and Enzo’s wine flights has the best of both worlds. 

In terms of appetizers, Disney’s Maria and Enzo’s menu has some great antipasta or appetizers. Personally, my family loves the calamari and the caprese salad. 

But if you’re in the mood for traditional Italian cuisine, try the polpettine meatballs which are also delicious. 

maria and enzos
Photo from Maria and Enzo’s Website

For the main course, Maria and Enzo’s menu has pasta and other unique dinner entrees. My favorite Maria and Enzo’s pastas are the lasagna bolognese, the ravioli and the pollo alla parmigina. 

Besides the pasta, Maria and Enzo’s constine de manzo and bistecca alla griglia are also really amazing options. Who doesn’t like a great steak or short ribs! 

maria and enzos
Photo from Maria and Enzo’s website

And you can’t have a delicious Italian meal at Disney World without dessert. Maria and Enzo’s has some of the best Italian dessert options at Walt Disney World. 

Hands down, the best Maria and Enzo desserts are the cannolo siciliano and the tiramisu. And if you are too full for dessert, get your Maria and Enzo’s dessert to go. That way you can enjoy it later in the evening at your Disney World resort.

The Maria and Enzo menu offers delicious options so everyone in your family can find something to eat while at Disney Springs!



Maria and Enzo’s Atmosphere

So what is Disney’s Maria and Enzo’s like?  Disney Springs Maria and Enzo’s is designed like an airplane hanger from the 1930’s. The walls of Maria and Ezno’s have postcards from all over the world. Overall, Disney Springs Maria and Enzo’s is very casual. 

The Maria and Enzo dining room has ceiling high windows that look out onto Lake Buena Vista. If you’re looking for one of the best sunset views at Disney Springs, get a table at Maria and Enzo’s. 

disneys maria and enzos

Maria and Enzo’s is also super family friendly, in true Disney spirit. I’d like to say one of the best family restaurants at Disney Springs is Maria and Enzo’s.

Disney World’s Maria and Enzo’s is one of the best Disney restaurants for big parties too. It’s often difficult to find a Disney dining reservation for a large group and Maria and Enzo’s is usually a great option. 

disney maria and enzos


Maria and Enzo’s is a great restaurant to have in your back pocket if you’re not a planner. It’s usually pretty easy to get a last minute Disney dining reservation at Maria and Enzo’s if you need to make dinner plans.  



Enzo’s Hideaway

So what’s the difference between Maria and Enzo’s and Enzo’s Hideway?  Many people often ask this but Enzo’s Hideaway is a completely different restaurant from Disney’s Maria and Enzo’s. 

Disney’s Enzo’s Hideaway is a 1920’s prohibition type bar that is well known for unique drinks and a fun atmosphere.  Similarly to Maria and Enzo’s, Enzo’s Hideaway also has very yummy Italian food options. 

maria and enzos
Photo from Enzo’s Hideaway website

Even though Enzo’s Hideaway isn’t well known for dinner options, it is a great spot to grab a pre-dinner drink, post-dinner drink, or appetizers. An even though Enzo’s Hideaway isn’t known for dinner, they do have some great Italian dishes if you’re hungry. 

The Enzo’s Hideaway charcuterie board is also a MUST.  Many people think Maria and Enzo’s and Enzo’s Hideaway are the same but they are actually very different experiences. 

For more information on Enzo’s Hideaway, check out the Disney Springs website



Best Disney Springs Restaurants 

There are so many great Disney World dining options at Disney Springs. But Maria and Enzo’s is one of the best Disney Springs restaurants for Italian food. 

maria and enzos

Disney World’s Maria and Enzo’s is also a great Disney restaurant for families and large parties. If you haven’t tried Maria and Enzo’s, you need to add it to your list of MUST try Disney restaurants!



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