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Disney World Fastpass Tips for Avoiding Lines

  What is Disney’s Fastpass System?    What is the Disney World Fastpass System? Disney’s Fastpass System allows guests to skip the stand-by line and skip to the front of the line.  As of now, guests can reserve 3 Fastpass reservations in advance for each day they are at the park. That means 3 less […]

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Classic Disney Attractions Your Family Will Love

  There are so many classic Disney attractions that your family will love! Most of these attractions have been around since Disneyland opened in 1955 and Disney World opened in 1971. These are all nostalgic attractions that will make everyone feel like a kid again. Better yet, these are all friendly family attractions for the […]

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Disney Parks COVID Closures

How will COVID-19 Change Walt Disney World?  How will COVID-19 change Walt Disney World and the other Disney Parks? At this point in time, it’s unclear what the future holds but COVID has certainly had an immediate impact on the Disney Parks. Right now, we are seeing lots of changes in security, safety, and park […]

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