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Disney World Dining Reservations – Ultimate Tips and Tricks


Walt Disney World Dining Reservations

One of the most delicious parts of a Walt Disney World vacation is trying all kinds of different Disney restaurants. But getting Disney World dining reservations is quite the process. 

Check out everything you need to know about Disney dining reservations 2021 including the Disney World dining reservation phone number, the Disney dining reservation time, how to make a Disney World dining reservation and more!

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Disney World Dining Reservation Time

Since the reopening of Disney World in July 2020, the Disney dining reservation window has looked a little different. In previous years, Disney World dining reservations opened up 180 days in advance.

But sine July 2020, Disney World dining reservations 2021 can now be made 60 days in advance.  The Disney World dining 60 day window is actually much more manageable to navigate.

disney world dining reservations

Within 60 days of your Disney vacation, you will know the Disney Parks hours and have a much better idea of where you will be on which days. 

So 60 days before your Walt Disney World vacation, your Disney dining reservation time will open up at 6 AM online or 7 AM if you call the Disney dining phone number. 

disney dining reservations

It’s also important to note that if you are staying in a Walt Disney World resort, at your 60 day Disney dining reservation time, you can make Disney dining reservations for 10 days following the 60th day. 

Some of the best Disney World dining reservations fill up really fast so make sure to make your reservations at 6 AM, 60 days in advance of your vacation! 



How Do you Make Disney World Dining Reservations?

You now know that you need to make your Walt Disney World dining reservations 60 days in advance but how do you make your Disney dining reservation? 

There are three ways to make Disney World dining reservations: through the My Disney Experience app, on the Walt Disney World webpage or calling the Disney World dining reservation phone number. 

disney world dining reservations

If you decide to make you Disney dining reservations via the My Disney Experience app or the Disney World webpage, you’re Disney dining reservation window opens at 6 AM EST. 

But if you decide to call the Disney World dining reservation phone number, the phone lines open at 7 AM EST. 



Disney Dining Reservations Online 

To make a reservation on the My Disney Experience app, click the center button that looks like a plus sign.  From there click, check Dining availability. 

Once you click on dining availability, it’s pretty straightforward. You will add the number of guests, the date, and breakfast, lunch or dinner. Once you populate these three fields, the Disney dining reservation system will populate with all available reservations and times. 

disney dining reservations

On the Disney World website, click on “things to do” and under dining select make a reservation.  Once on the Disney World dining reservation page, select your date, time, and number of guests.

Finally, if you call the Walt Disney World dining reservation phone number which is 407-939-3462, you can make your Disney dining reservations this way. 



Disney World Dining Phone Line

If using the Disney World dining phone number, you will need to have a good idea of which dining reservations you are looking for. When on the phone with the Disney cast member, they will ask what days, times, number of guests, and restaurants are you looking for. 

Whether making Walt Disney World dining reservations on the phone or online, the process is pretty easy and allows you to plan your Disney vacation with ease. 



Best Way to Make Disney World Dining Reservations

Now that I’ve told you each way to make a Disney World dining reservation, which is the best?  Several years ago, most people preferred making Disney World dining reservations on the phone.

But with the changes in technology, most people prefer to make Disney dining reservations online. Now some people claim the My Disney Experience app is better and others claim that Disney World webpage is better. 

walt disney world dining reservations

With this, it’s safe to say either online method of making Disney World dining reservations is probably easier and more effective than the traditional Disney dining phone number.

If I we’re you, I would try making your Disney dining reservations via the app or the website!



Disney World Dining Reservation Cancellation Policy 

Unfortunately, the Walt Disney World dining reservation cancellation policy is quite strict. You can cancel a Disney World dining reservation more than 24 hours in advance free of charge. 

But if you cancel a Disney dining reservation within 24 hours of the reservation, you will be charged $10 per person. When you book your Disney World dining reservation, you must put a credit card on file and this credit card will be charged if you cancel.

disney dining reservations

When you’re on your Disney World vacation, think about your Disney dining reservations the day before to reconsider if you want to cancel before the Disney dining reservation cancellation window. 

Let’s say you don’t cancel your Disney World dining reservation in time, do you have any options. There are a few options that generally work to get you out a of a Disney dining reservation last minute but they aren’t fool proof. 

disney world dining plan

One – say a member of your party isn’t feeling well than you can call the Disney dining reservation phone number and let them know a member of your party is under the weather. In this circumstance, the cast member will usually wave the fee and cancel your reservation. 

Two – you can modify you Disney World dining reservation using the My Disney Experience app. Modify your Disney dining reservation to later in the trip so that you are more than 24 hours away from that reservation. Then you can subsequently cancel the Walt Disney World dining reservation. 

Three – if you are very close to your Disney dining reservation time, you can go to the restaurant itself. You can tell the hostess that you can no longer make your Walt Disney World dining reservation and they will usually cancel the reservation free of charge.

disney dining reservations 

Disney World dining reservation cancellations are no fun but it’s good to know you’re options because Disney World vacations can change on a dime. 



How to Get the Hardest Disney World Dining Reservations

There are many Disney World dining reservations that are really hard to get. Use these tips to try and find every Walt Disney World dining reservation you are looking for. 

  • Make sure to be online ready to make reservations at 6 AM
  • Consider making harder Disney World dining reservations towards the end of your trip.  If you are making multiple days of Disney dining reservations, you will have the best luck towards the end of your Disney trip
  • If you want a hard to get reservation, consider booking lunch instead of dinner
  • For last minute reservations, check the My Disney Experience app the day before your desired Disney dining reservation.  Many people will cancel Walt Disney World dining reservations right before the 24 hour cancellation window
  • Use the My Disney Experience app or Walt Disney World webpage to make reservations
  • Have a list of back up options in case you don’t get your ideal Disney dining reservation 

disney dining reservation


The Disney World dining reservation process isn’t for the faint of hearts. Make sure to use these Disney World dining tips to make sure you understand the Disney dining process. And get the Disney dining reservations that you want.



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