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Disney World Moderate Resorts – What You Need to Know


Disney World Moderate Resort Overview

Disney World resorts come in all price points, locations, and even offer an array of amenities. Disney Moderate resorts are the mid-level of Disney World Resorts. 

For those looking to stay at a Disney Word Moderate resort, they offer many great amenities while not breaking your budget. Check out all of these Disney Moderate resorts while planning your next Disney World vacation!

disney coronado springs

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What is a Disney Moderate Resort? 

First off, you may be wondering what’s the difference between a Disney Moderate Resort and Disney Value or Deluxe resorts? One of the most important elements of the Disney Moderate resorts is price. 

Generally, Disney World Moderate resorts are between $250-$400 per night.  This may sound like a lot but for Disney pricing that’s in the middle. 

The next important element is location. Most Disney Moderate resorts are pretty centrally located to all four Disney World parks. 

disney caribbean beach

Additionally, Disney World transportation is another factor that goes into a Disney World Moderate Resort.  The Disney Moderate Resort transportation revolves around buses. And select Disney Moderate hotels have access to the Disney World Skyliner.

The final element that goes into Walt Disney World Moderate resorts is amenities. The Disney World Moderate hotels have some great amenities to use while on your Disney vacation! 



Disney World Caribbean Beach 

In my opinion, one of the best Disney Moderate resorts is Disney’s Caribbean Beach.  Disney’s Caribbean Beach has amazing theming and is the central hub for the Disney World Skyliner System. 

Caribbean Beach was actually the first Disney World Moderate Resort and it’s themed around the Caribbean islands.  This nostalgia makes it a special place at Walt Disney World. 

Location: The Disney Caribbean Beach Resort is located between Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs. The central location allows for easy access to all the Disney World parks. 

disney world moderate resort

Transportation: Luckily, Disney World’s Caribbean Beach is the central hub of the Disney Skyliner.  Disney guests can get on the Skyliner for easy access to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. 

For access to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs – this Disney Moderate resort offers bus transportation.  

Disney’s Caribbean Beach is a very large resort so there are multiple bus stations located throughout the resort.  This is one of the great benefits to Disney World moderate resorts is the multiple bus stations. 

disney caribbean beach

Amenities: One of the best Disney World Caribbean Beach amenities is the great feature and quiet pools. Additionally, this Disney Moderate resort has an amazing restaurant with delicious Caribbean flavors called Sebastian’s Bistro

I would say that Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is one of the best Disney Moderate hotels that offers great transportation and amenities for your next Disney trip!



Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort 

The Disney Moderate Resort that was most recently renovated is Coronado Springs.  The new Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs makes this Disney World Moderate hotel feel like a deluxe resort. 

Coronado Springs Resort was built after Caribbean Beach also making it one of the original Disney World Moderate resorts. 

Location: Like Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs is also pretty centrally located.  Disney’s Coronado Springs is located between Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. The central location allows for short transportation times between the Disney Parks and this Moderate resort. 

disney coronado resort

Transportation:  The Disney World Coronado Springs resort is reliant on Disney World bus transportation.  You will need to take a bus from this Disney World moderate hotel to all the Disney Parks and Disney Springs. 

Like Caribbean Beach though, Disney World moderate resort bus stations are located throughout the property.  You won’t need to walk far from your hotel room to the Disney Moderate Resort bus stop! 

Amenities: While Coronado Springs doesn’t have great transportation options, they make up for that in amenities. Coronado Springs has great feature and quiet pools, a health center, a spa, and access to the Gran Destino Tower. 

disney coronado resort

Additionally, Coronado Springs is the only Disney Moderate Resort with club concierge level access. The concierge level has continental breakfast, evening happy hour, and evening desserts.  

Disney’s Coronado Springs resort lacks in transportation but it makes up for it in deluxeness and the awesome amenities.  Make sure to check out this Walt Disney World Moderate Resort if you plan to spend lots of time at your hotel and are looking for an upscale experience!



Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts

The most relaxing Disney World Moderate Resort is Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts.  Unlike the other Disney Moderate hotels,  Disney’s Port Orleans has two resorts, Riverside and French Quarter. 

Both Disney Port Orleans Resorts are themed after the old time, American south with a focus on Louisiana and New Orleans. These are the smallest Disney Moderate resorts so feel like one big Disney resort. 

Location: These Disney Moderate Resorts are located near Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs. These Disney World Moderate hotels are very central to all the Disney magic. 

disney moderate resort

Transportation:  Like Caribbean Beach, Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts also offers some unique Disney transportation.  You will need to take bus transportation to all four Disney World parks. 

But, Disney’s Port Orleans offers boat transportation to Disney Springs. This is one of the best Disney Moderate resort experiences – riding down the Sassagoula River to Disney Springs. 

Like the other Disney Moderate hotels, Disney’s Port Orleans has multiple bus stations so you never have to walk far to find a bus. 

disney moderate resort

Amenities: The Walt Disney World Port Orleans also offers some unique amenities.  There are several delicious restaurants, there are special royal themed guest rooms, you can take a house and carriage ride. 

There are also fun outdoor activities to enjoy with your family like bike rentals, campfires, quiet and feature pools and much more.  The Disney World moderate resort with the most amenities is certainly Disney’s Port Orleans Resort! 

disney world moderate resort

Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts bring the southern charm of New Orleans to central Florida. If you are looking for a relaxing experience while at Disney World, check out the best Disney World moderate resorts!



What You Need to Know About Disney Moderate Resorts

Hopefully, you now have a better idea about what a Disney World moderate resort entails.  Disney World Moderate Resorts are a great option for those who want a lower price point, central location, and great Disney amenities. 

All the Disney Moderate hotels have there pros and cons and they offer different things for each Disney World vacation. In my opinion, the best Disney World moderate hotel is Caribbean Beach. Simply because of the Skyliner transportation. 

disney moderate resort

But consider all of these Disney Moderate Resorts while planning you next Disney vacation! 



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