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Disney’s Epcot Rides and Attractions Ranked


Epcot’s Rides 

Many people love Disney World’s Epcot for the World Showcase but Epcot also has many great attractions and rides that are MUST do’s on your Disney vacation! Epcot rides offer something for those that are adrenaline junkies but also offers many family friendly rides that are great for little ones. Here is a complete list of all the Epcot rides and attractions

Epcot rides

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Soarin’ is an attraction that is often considered both a thrill ride and a family friendly attraction.  It isn’t a thrill ride in the traditional sense that you go fast or drop from great heights. But Soarin’ allows you to feel something most people would never experience, hang gliding! On Soarin’, you have the chance to hang glide through some of the most famous, iconic locations in the world. Many people actually forget you’re in central Florida. While Soarin’ is a ride that can get your heart pounding, it is more geared towards families and providing an unique experience that will keep you coming back again and again!

When asked what’s the best Epcot ride, 9 out of 10 people would say Soarin’.  You’ll have to try it out for yourself! 

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Frozen Ever After

If you are a legacy Disney fan, you know that Frozen Ever After replaced Maelstrom in the Epcot World Showcase Norway Pavilion. With Frozen’s popularity, Disney knew they needed at a Frozen themed ride at the Disney parks. Frozen Ever After is a slow moving, water boat ride that takes you on a journey with Anna, Elsa, Olaf and all your other favorite Frozen characters through Arendelle. Like every other Disney water boat ride, you will experience a few surprises along with way.  This attraction also features some of the most advanced animation and animatronic work that Disney has used to date, it’s pretty incredible. Frozen Ever After is a great family ride that your kids will love and beg you to keep riding again and again. 

Tip – This Epcot ride gets one of the longest wait times in the park. Make sure to ride when the park first opens, right before the park closes or get a Fastpass



Spaceship Earth 

The most iconic attraction at Epcot is the park icon, Spaceship Earth.  Spaceship Earth takes you on a trip through history and lets you experience many of the most significant events in history.  Disney truly immerses you in these time periods with real-life animatronics, sights, sounds, and even smells. On your journey back in time, you will get a mesmerizing view of space from the very top of the Epcot ball! In recent years, Disney has added interactive elements to let you see your impact on the planet and what the future may look like. In 2020, Spaceship Earth was supposed to go through a massive renovation to incorporate the element of communication into the attraction.  Due to COVID, the renovation is permanently postponed but the renovation could still occur at anytime so keep this in mind when visiting Epcot in the future!

Spaceship Earth


Test Track 

Disney’s classic Test Track allows you to visit a car testing facility and experience all the tests necessary for a road-worthy car. Through the car testing facility, you will experience off-road terrain, steep hills, hair-pin turns, and extreme speeds. Disney did a complete renovation of Test Track a few years ago so if you haven’t visited in a while, make sure to check out the revamped Test Track. Test track is definitely a thrill ride for those who love going fast and getting their adrenaline pumping!

Tip – Take advantage of the single rider line at Test Track. You can frequently get on the ride in 10 or 15 minutes when the stand-by line is really long! If you have little ones, also think about using Disney’s Rider Swap System! 

Test Track
Photo from Magic Guides



Mission Space 

Mission Space is by far the most intense thrill ride at Walt Disney World, in my opinion.  On Mission Space, you have the chance to visit flight training school and train for a mission to Mars.  The Mission Space ride vehicles are small cabins and you feel like you could really be on a rocket ship. Through your journey, you do some spinning and even get to experience G-forces.  The G-forces are so intense you can feel your face and cheeks get pushed back.  It’s a very cool and unique feeling. Because of the intensity of this ride, Disney created two versions, Orange (More Intense) and Green (Less Intense). If you are interested in trying Mission Space, I would recommend trying the Green version first to see how you like it! My family always does the Orange version but we love thrill rides and Mission Space is one of our favorites! 

Disclaimer: While Mission Space is one of my favorite rides but it can be a bit intense for some, especially those who don’t like simulators. I know many people also get motion sick on this ride so that is something to consider. 

Mission Space
Photo from Magic Guides


Living with the Land 

On Disney’s Living with the Land, you get to go behind the scenes and learn about Disney’s greenhouse system.  Disney built an elaborate greenhouse system allowing them to grow a significant amount of food. In turn, you will eat a lot of the food grown in Living with the Land at Walt Disney World and Epcot. Living with the Land provides an educational experience into the history of farming, some of the new technology they are using to grow food today, and why farming and greenhouses are so important for the future. This is a ride your entire family will love. Adults often find the entire greenhouse system and history really interesting and kids love to see the Mickey shaped fruits and veggies. 

Living with the Land
Photo from Magic Guides


Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Journey Into Imagination with Figment is one of the only rides left from Epcot’s early years. Figment, the small purple dragon, takes you on a journey through your imagination and the power of your imagination. Over the years, Figment has featured a few different versions but the famous song “One Little Spark” has remained throughout Figment’s history.  You will hear “One Little Spark” in Epcot’s nighttime show, Epcot Forever. Figment is a slow moving, dark ride that appeals to your senses and is a great ride for everyone in your family! 



Turtle Talk with Crush 

One of the most unique attractions at Disney is Turtle Talk with Crush.  Funny story, my dad’s favorite Disney attraction is Turtle Talk with Crush! Disney implemented really unique technology to have Crush actually talk to the audience.  This attraction is an interactive show format; adults sit on benches in back and kids sit on the floor upfront to be closer to Crush.  Your kids will have the opportunity to ask Crush all kinds of questions. Crush engages the kids in conversation about his life and he will even ask your kids questions.  Turtle Talk with Crush is such a cute attraction and it will certainly warm your heart. Regardless if your young, old, childless or with kids, this is an attraction that everyone should visit at least once!

Turtle Talk with Crush
Photo by Magic Guides


The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Do you have kids that love the Finding Nemo movie? Go on a journey through the seas with Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Bruce and all the other characters you love from Finding Nemo.  The Seas with Nemo and Friends is located in the Seas pavilion and parts of the ride feature actual sea creatures!  This ride is a slow moving, dark ride that is great for everyone from babies to the elderly. This attraction conveniently ends in the Sea pavilion so your family will have the chance to view the real sharks, dolphins, manatees, and fish. 

The Seas with Nemo
Photo from Magic Guides


Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Located in the World Showcase Mexico pavilion, the Gran Fiesta Tour is a slow boat ride featuring Mexican culture and the Three Caballeros.  Donald Duck is missing the other two Caballeros are on a mission through Mexico to find Donald.  If you’re interested in Mexican culture and sites, you will learn about the Rio Grande and view many of Mexico’s famous sites and cities. This is a very gentle moving ride that everyone will love.  This is also an attraction that virtually never has a wait time so it’s a great attraction to experience! Disney also recently incorporated the new Disney film, CoCo, into the Gran Fiesta Tour! 

Mexico Pavilion


Epcot has tons of great rides and attractions to experience on every Disney vacation! Make sure to check out these attractions the next time you visit Epcot! On your Disney vacation, you may also be visiting the Magic Kingdom. Make sure to check out our Magic Kingdom tips

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    1. Our family recently visited Disneyworld to celebrate the adoption of our two youngest children, and this article was a fun walk down memory lane. My husband and I are fascinated by Talking with Crush, and the kids loved designing their own car. It was our first Epcot visit but hopefully won’t be our last.

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