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How To Navigate the Disney Skyliner System


Disney Skyliner System

In September 2019, Walt Disney World opened the new Disney Skyliner transportation system. The Disney Skyliner is a unique method of transportation that transports guests through the sky to the Disney parks and resorts.

The Disney Skyliner has been met with some skepticism and a few hiccups along the way but the Skyliner been a very successful addition to Disney World. 

disney skyliner system

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What is the Skyliner?

The Skyliner could also be referred to as the Disney Gondola system. You may have seen gondolas before at ski resorts or in the mountain, these are the same type of gondolas.

If you haven’t been on a skyliner or gondola before, the Disney Skyliner is basically large buckets that soar through the air.  The Disney World Skyliner cabins can each seat 8 people.

Since 8 people fit in each car, you may be seated with other families. Check out the Disney World Skyliner COVID procedures below, for more info during the pandemic. 

Disney likely invested in the Skyliner System because it’s a very efficient way to get a large number of guests between the Disney parks and resorts.


So How Does the Disney Skyliner Work? 

The Walt Disney World Skyliner System is actually very easy system to navigate.

When you approach each Skyliner station, there will be a sign clarifying the destination of the Skyliner and where the line begins.

Once you get to the front of the Skyliner line, the Skyliner slows down for you to board safely. Many people get concerned because the Disney Skyliner buckets come into the station quickly, but trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to board.  

Disney Skyliner System

If you are visiting Disney World with little kids, you will be pleased to hear that a stroller can roll right into the Skyliner car. Check out thisSingle Stroller   that ‘s perfect for your next Disney vacation!. 

Additionally, Disney went to great lengths to make sure disabled individuals could ride the Skyliner too.  At each station, there is a separate handicap line. The Skyliner bucket will come through a special track so it can come to a complete stop for boarding. 


Where Does the Disney World Skyliner Go? 

Right now, the Disney Skyliner travels between Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Riveria Resort, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, and Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

For a better picture of where the Skyliner goes, check out the Disney Skyliner map below! There is rumors of a Disney Skyliner expansion that would likely expand he Skyliner to the Animal Kingdom area. 

Skyliner Disney

The Disney Skyliner has two “lines” and a central hub located at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. The Disney Skyliner hub at Caribbean Beach serves as the connector between the two lines.

The first line travels from Hollywood Studios to Disney’s Caribbean Beach, the central hub.

The second Disney World Skyliner line travels from Epcot to Disney’s Riveria Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, and Disney’s Pop Century Resort. 

For example, if you’re planning on taking the Skyliner from Epcot to Hollywood Studios, you will need to transfer lines at Disney’s Caribbean Beach. 

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Disney Skyliner Map

Hopefully the Skyliner layout makes a little more sense after looking at the Disney World Skyliner map! 

Disney Skyliner System
A map of the Disney Skyliner System!

Disney Skyliner COVID Procedures

Many people are asking the million dollar question of how has the Disney Skyliner changed because of COVID? Like the rest of the world, Disney has modified the Skyliner for COVID safety. 

The most important Disney Skyliner COVID change is that only 1 party is allowed in each Skyliner bucket.  You will also be required to wear a face mask but this is the same as the rest of Disney World.

Disney World Skyliner

Because only one group is allowed in each Skyliner car, the lines for the Disney Skyliner have looked extra long in recent months. On social media, you may see pictures of the long Skyliner lines but don’t let this deter you, the line WILL move quickly.

I would preface this by saying that if need to get a Disney Park or resort at a certain time, make sure to give yourself some time in case the lines are long. 



Disney Skyliner Accident/Incident

I wanted to cover this topic because if you are a Disney fan like me, you’ve certainly heard about the Disney Skyliner Accident. 

Because this was reported in the media, I wanted to debunk any fears you may have as a result of the Skyliner incident. In October 2019, right after the Skyliner opened, there was a small collision between a few Skyliner buckets. 

First, no one was hurt. Second, the Disney Skyliner buckets collided at a Skyliner station so they were going very slowly.

The major problem was that the rest of the Skyliner buckets had to be evacuated.  Some Disney guests were stuck in the Skyliner cars for a few hours but that was the biggest issue arising out of the Disney Skyliner accident. 

Since 2019, Disney has worked hard to fix all the kinks in the Skyliner system and I would be confident saying another Disney World Skyliner accident is unlikely. 

This is the perfect place to mention that the Disney Skyliner does sit high above the ground and it may be bothersome if you’re afraid of heights. 



Disney Skyliner Crawl

To end this post on a more cheerful note, people have taken to the Skyliner for the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl.  A Disney Skyliner Crawl would be a great way to spend a non-park day. 

To do the Disney World Skyliner Bar Crawl, you would stop and get a drink at Disney’s Riveria Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. 

Caribbean Beach Skyliner

It’s easy to find a bar, lounge or restaurant at the Riveria Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort but where do you find a drink at the Disney Value Resorts

Check out the pool bars at both Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation for unique, fun drinks.  There’s no better way to spend a Disney non-park day than completing the Skyliner Bar Crawl at Disney!  

For great suggestions on what to get at each of the Skyliner Bar Crawl stops, check out the Disney Food Guide for the Skyliner Bar Crawl!

Disney Skyliner System










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