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Disney Vacation For Adults – Why Disney Is for Adults Too!


Many people think Disney World and Disneyland vacations are only for families or only for those with little kids. I totally disagree. Disney vacations are for EVERYONE! 

Many of the biggest Disney fans I know are adults which just proves that Disney offers an escape for everyone.  I’m a childless millennial that visits Disney Parks are frequently as possible so that just proves my point! 🙂

disney world adults
Photo from Rayna Tuero on Unsplash

***Disclaimer***  This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn an affiliate commission if you click on an affiliate link. Full disclosure, I only post products that I have or recommend! 

Disney World and Disneyland are places where we can forget about the real world and focus on the magic and happiness in the world. Read more to find out why I think Disney vacations are for adults too! 

For the best Disney adults trips, you need to decide what kind of Disney vacation you want. Do you want to relax by the pools, party all night, or rope drop at the Disney Parks. All of these are options at Disney World but they will impact the rest of your vacation.



Disney Adult Friendly Hotels 

I’d like to preface this section by stating if your planning a Disney World trip for adults, avoid Disney’s All Star Resorts. Disney’s All Star Resorts are typically filled with families, little kids, and are very chaotic overall. 

Besides the Disney’s All Star Resorts, the rest of Walt Disney World’s Resorts offer great options for every price range, location, and preferences in amenities. For more information on Disney World resorts, check out the Disney World website

disney for adults


Best Disney Value Resort for Adults

  If you’re looking to have a budget friendly Disney vacation, staying at a Value resorts is never a bad option. Since I’ve recommended not staying at the All Star Resorts, I would recommend staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Disney’s Pop Century is the nicest and my favorite Disney Value Resort . Pop Century was recently renovated so all the rooms are clean, bright, and more spacious than before. 

disney pop century

A huge amenity of Pop Century is it’s location on the Disney Skyliner System. If you plan on visiting Epcot or Hollywood Studios, you can jump on Disney’s Skyliner and avoid the buses. 

If you want to try fun Disney drinks, you can also try out the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl. This would entail stopping at Disney’s Riveria, Disney’s Caribbean Beach, Disney’s Art of Animation, and Pop Century to have a drink! I haven’t tried this yet but it’s on my Disney bucket list! 


Disney’s Moderate Resorts for Adults! 

Disney World Moderate Resorts are a step up from Disney’s Value Resorts in amenities and often location but you certainly pay more in price. There are several moderate resorts but I would definitely recommend Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort!

You can’t go wrong with other moderate resorts but Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter is setup perfectly for a Disney World adults only vacation! 


Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

If you love New Orleans and Mardi Gras, Disney’s Port Orleans is the best resort for your Disney’s adult trip! Port Orleans French Quarter is one of the smallest Disney World resorts and subsequently, one of the most quiet Disney resorts! 

Port Orleans is located on the river connected to Disney Springs. If you plan on visiting Disney Springs for food and shopping, you have the option to take a scenic riverboat ride instead of using the Disney bus system! 

disney's port orleans

I would recommend this Disney hotel for your adults trip because of the unique atmosphere Port Orleans offers, the relaxing vibe, boat access to Disney Springs and fun southern dining options. 

While staying at Disney’s Port Orleans, you have to try the Mickey-shaped beignets. They are so delicious and bring a little piece of New Orleans to Disney World! 

Hotels.com: $99 or Less


Disney Deluxe Resorts for Adults! 

You really can’t go wrong with any of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts but these are just a few of my favorites! Disney’s Deluxe Resorts will definitely hit your wallet the hardest but they offer a Disney adults only vacation you won’t forget! 

When I go on fun, adults only Disney vacations, I prefer and recommend staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort or Disney’s Old Key West! Both of these resorts are located near the water and offer a relaxing, fun experience! 


Disney’s Old Key West 

Staying at Disney’s Old Key West is like a beach vacation but in Orlando, Florida. If you want a relaxing, pool side Disney adults vacation, this is the perfect Disney resort for you! 

Disney’s Old Key West is designed after Key West, Florida so it features tropical, Caribbean vibes. The rooms at Old Key West are amongst the largest at Walt Disney World so you have plenty of room to unpack and spread out!

Disney's Old Key west
Photo from Tom Bricker at www.disneytouristblog.com!

The Old Key West Resort is located near Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course and has tons of amenities from biking, jogging, fishing, and much more. Disney’s Old Key West is a great place for adults to relax after a long park day. 

One of the top reasons I recommend Old Key West for Disney World adult trips is the relaxing vibe that separates you from Disney Parks after a long, tiring park day. Disney’s Old Key West offers a great spot to unwind! 

If your planning on hanging out by the pool, make sure to bring a fun Disney tumbler for your drinks


Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort

The Disney Boardwalk and the Boardwalk Resort are one of my favorite places in all of Walt Disney World. Disney World’s Boardwalk has restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife. This is one of the few spots in Disney World with great nighttime entertainment! 

The Disney Boardwalk Resort is conveniently located in between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. This gives you great access to the Disney theme parks and Disney’s Epcot if you like to dine there like I do! 

Disney's Boardwalk

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort also has 3 quiet pools that are awesome for relaxing after your long park day! When your ready for dinner, walk down to the Boardwalk and check out all the great dining options. You can also check out the dining options at Disney’s Epcot and Hollywood Studios since their walkable. 

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort is my TOP recommendation for your Disney for adults vacation! This resort is the best of all worlds. You are close to the Disney Parks, have great dining options, quiet pools, and nighttime entertainment. If your unsure about where to stay on your Disney World vacation, check out Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort! 


Disney Rides and Attractions for Adults

After you’ve picked out your Disney hotel, you need to figure out what Disney Parks you want to visit.  Disney World attractions offer something for the adrenaline junkies and those that prefer something calmer. 

There are so many Disney World rides and attractions so I’m going to highlight a few that can’t be missed. 


Disney’s Magic Kingdom for Adults

The Magic Kingdom is one of the most magical places on earth. Many adults think they don’t need to see the Magic Kingdom but you should definitely visit the Magic Kingdom on your Disney vacation for adults! 

Space Mountain - Disney for adults

When your at the Magic Kingdom, you have the opportunity to truly feel like a kid again! As an adult, this is a feeling you rarely get to experience. There is so much to do and see at the Magic Kingdom but I’m going to highlight a few! 

  1. Space Mountain
  2. Splash Mountain
  3. Big Thunder Mountain 
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. Jungle Cruise 
  6. It’s a Small World 
  7. Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin
  8. Tommorowland Transit Authority
  9. Haunted Mansion

Many of these are the most popular rides at the Magic Kingdom but that’s for a reason. I make an effort to visit all of these Disney World rides on every Disney trip! 

In addition to these attractions, you must view Happily Ever After or the Magic Kingdom firework show. There is no other place in the world, where you can feel like a kid again and the firework show just makes that feeling come alive. 

disney fireworks for adults

Many people would think about skipping the Magic Kingdom on a Disney World adults vacation but you should visit the Magic Kingdom for the nostalgia and feeling of childhood!


Disney’s Epcot for Adults

When adults think of Disney World, they usually get most excited about Epcot! Epcot is known for the World Showcase and Drinking Around the World but Disney’s Epcot has awesome attractions too! 

Disney Spaceship Earth for adults

Just wait, we’ll go over Epcot dining and drinking around the world but these are few Epcot rides and attractions you’ll want to check out! 

  1. Soarin’
  2. Mission Space
  3. Test Track
  4. Spaceship Earth
  5. Living with the Land

Disney World’s Epcot isn’t known for their attractions but these are a few must do’s! Although, my favorite thing to do at Epcot is to hang out in World Showcase!

Epcot’s World Showcase is home to 11 countries that feature food, drinks, shopping, and entertainment from that country. I love to spend the day going through the shops, grabbing snacks, and of course drinking around the world! 

Disney vacation for adults - epcot

My family tries to get a drink at each country and then take a picture with our drinks! We sometimes don’t make it all the way around but this is definitely a highlight of our Disney adults vacation. 

In recent trips, we’ve starting investing in Disney drinking team shirts! You’ll see many people wearing fun Epcot drinking shirts so we starting buying one for everyone before our trip! 


If you decide not to visit any of the other Disney Parks during your Disney vacation for adults, you MUST visit Epcot! 


Hollywood Studios For Adults! 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios got a lot more interesting in recent years with the opening of Star Wars Galaxy Edge and Toy Story Land!  Hollywood Studios is also home to many of Disney World’s Thrill Rides

Star Wars at Disney

There are so many rides and shows at Hollywood Studios but these are my top recommendations for your Disney adults only vacation! 

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
  2. Tower of Terror
  3. Toy Story Mania
  4. Rise of the Resistance 
  5. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
  6. The Beauty and The Beast Show

As you can see, many of these are thrill rides but there is certainly things for non-thrill ride fans. Over the years, I’ve found these rides are the most popular when I’ve visited Disney with other adults! 

Since Star Wars Galaxy Edge and Toy Story Land are so new, I recommend visiting both of these on your next Disney World vacation! Many adults are fans of Star Wars so this is a no brainer. 

Toy Story land

Star Wars Galaxy Edge truly immerses you in the Star Wars movies. I’m not a big Star Wars fan but I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this land. You feel like your in the movies and the rides are amazing! 

Many people many think Toy Story Land is for kids but this isn’t true. My fiancé and I loved visiting Toy Story Land because we both loved these movies growing up. On your visit, you actually feel like a toy in Andy’s room which is a pretty cool feeling. 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has many recent additions that you should visit on your next adults Disney vacation. You won’t be sorry, I promise! 


Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Adults

Animal Kingdom is such a unique Disney Park that you get to experience something new ever time your there.  If you love animals, Disney’s Animal Kingdom should be on your Disney vacation list! 

The real animals add a fun element to Animal Kingdom that makes every trip a little different. In addition to the animals, the Animal Kingdom is home to one of Disney’s newest lands, Pandora – the World of Avatar

Pandora - the World of Avatar

Like all the Disney Parks, there is so much to do and see, but these are some of my top recommendations for your Disney World adults trip! 

  1. Flight of Passage
  2. Expedition Everest
  3. Kilimanjaro Safaris 
  4. Dinosaur
  5. The Festival of the Lion King

Flight of Passage in the World of Avatar is HANDS DOWN my favorite Disney attraction. This ride is like Soarin’ at Epcot but on steroids! If you love thrill rides, this ride is a can’t miss on your Disney vacation for adults! 

Disney vacation for adults - Animal Kingdom

There are also many calmer Animal Kingdom rides and attractions like Kilimanjaro Safari and Festival of the Lion King.  I would definitely recommend riding Kilimanjaro Safaris because you’ll get to see the animals up close and in their natural habitat. 


Disney For Adults Dining Options

Besides the awesome Disney resorts and parks, Disney World also has over a 100 unique restaurants and dining options. Disney World’s restaurants are typically broken down into quick service restaurants and table service restaurants. 

While Disney does have some amazing quick service restaurants, we’re going to focus on Disney’s table service restaurants. On an adults only Disney vacation, you’re more likely to splurge and enjoy great food and there are so many table service restaurants to choose from. 

disney dining for adults

Disney World has table service restaurants that more expensive and fancy but also has restaurants that are more casual and relaxed. Both dining experiences are awesome and we typically try to have at least one “fancier” meals during our Disney vacation!

Disney often refers to the more expensive dining experiences as Signature dining. If your planning on using the Disney Dining Plan, you will want to take note of the Signature restaurants because they will cost more table service dining credits. 


Disney Signature Dining for Adults 

In no particular order, these are some of the best signature dining experiences at Disney World. Many of these dining experiences have dress codes, some even require men wear suits. Don’t let the dress code deter you, the food at these Disney restaurants is amazing!

  1. California Grill 
  2. Le Cellier 
  3. Narcoossee’s
  4. Paddlefish
  5. Tiffins
  6. Yachtsman Steakhouse
  7. Citricos
  8. Flying Fish
  9. Jiko
  10. Monsieur Paul

These are all fine dining experiences so many feature steak and seafood. Disney World restaurants have many different types of cuisines, some of these restaurants are even inspired by French and African food. 

If your looking for a steakhouse, try Yachtsman Steakhouse or Le Cellier. Le Cellier is one of my favorite Disney World restaurants, especially for a Disney adults trip. The filet mignon and beer cheese soup are out of this world.

Le cellier - disney restaurant
Le Cellier – Photo from Magic Guides!

For great seafood, try Paddlefish or the Flying Fish. Both restaurants offer great lake-side views. For more ethnic cuisine, try Monsieur Paul for French food or Jiko and Tiffins for African inspired dishes. 

Disney dining for adults - paddlefish
Photo from Magic Guides.com!

If you looking for a restaurant with a little bit of everything, check out the California Grill, Narcoossee’s or Citricos. All three restaurants are located near the Magic Kingdom and offer great view of the nighttime fireworks. Dinner with a view of the fireworks is a special treat on your Disney vacation for adults! 

For more information on Signature dining, check out this great review by All Ears.Net.And if you like to replicate Disney recipes at home, try out my favorite Disney cookbook! 



Disney Casual Dining For Adults

Disney World has so many casual restaurants it was nearly impossible to choose. For the most part, Disney’s restaurants are casual and you can just show up in your park apparel. These are my top 10 favorite casual restaurants for a Disney adults trip! 

  1. Ale and Compass 
  2. Sebastian’s Bistro
  3. Chef Art Smith’s Homcomin’
  4. Chefs de France
  5. Maria and Enzo’s 
  6. Olivia’s Cafe
  7. Raglan Road
  8. Rose and Crown
  9. The Edison
  10. The Boathouse

Walt Disney World casual restaurants cover so many different types of cuisines and price ranges. Make sure to check out the menu and price point before you go to make sure your comfortable. 

If your looking for seafood, check out The Boathouse or Ale and Compass. Both are located on the water and have great bars to hang out at before or after dinner. 

For Irish and English food, make sure to visit Raglan Road or Rose and Crown.   Both are typical British/Irish pubs and have a fun atmosphere and great food. If you like Irish dancing or nighttime entertainment, check out the Irish dancers at Raglan Road. 

Rose and Crown

If you like Italian food, check out the meatballs at Maria and Enzo’s and if you like French food, make sure to visit Chefs de France. Both are delicious! 

For food with a southern twist, try Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ or Olivia’s Cafe. Both are famous for fried chicken. Art Smith’s is also famous for moonshine! 

If your interested in trying Caribbean cuisine, take a trip to Caribbean Beach to visit Sebastian’s Bistro. 

Lastly, for an unique gastro-pub with great American food try the Edison. This is an awesome spot you’ll want to hang out at. They have great food and nighttime entertainment. 

The Edison - Disney Springs

Walt Disney World has so many great food options it’s hard to go wrong with any of the choices. When visiting Disney World on an adults only trip, these Disney restaurants will make your trip even better! 


Disney Bars, Lounges, and Night Life for Adults

Disney World isn’t known for their night life, bars and lounges but there are many hidden gems all over Disney World property.  If your looking for an escape from the kids and unique drinks, check out these awesome nighttime entertainment spots and bars. 

  1. AbracadaBar 
  2. BaseLine Tap House
  3. Enchanted Rose
  4. Jock Lindsay’s Hanger Bar
  5. Nomad Lounge
  6. Oga’s Cantina
  7. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto 
  8. Jellyrolls 
  9. La Cava del Tequila 
  10. Tutto Gusto 

AbracadaBar is a tiny bar hidden on Disney’s Boardwalk. This bar features drinks, martini’s, appetizers and much more. AbracadaBar is themed after magic so it’s a fun place to hang out and enjoy your Disney vacation for adults! 

AbracadaBar - Disney vacation for adults

The Baseline Tap House is located in Hollywood Studios near the entrance to Star Wars Galaxy Edge. If you like craft beers and bar snacks, take a break from the park and go to the Baseline Tap House. 

The Enchanted Rose is one of Disney’s newest lounges. Inspired by the Beauty and the Beast, Disney created a lounge in the Grand Floridian to celebrate this Disney movie. If your a fan of Beauty and Beast, you definitely need to check this out! 

Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar is located at Disney Springs and is themed after Jock Lindsay’s airplane adventures. This bar sits on the water at Disney Springs and is fun spot to hang out and enjoy a few drinks. 

Jock Lindsays - Disney bars for adults

Nomad Lounge is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Discovery Island. In the spirit of Animal Kingdom, the Nomad Lounge has specialty drinks and appetizers inspired by worldwide cuisines and traditions. This is also a great spot to get away from the hustle of the park and enjoy your Disney World adults trip! 

Located in Star Wars Galaxy Edge, is Oga’s Cantina, which is designed after the bar in Star Wars Episode IV. The drinks at Oga’s are out of this world with smoke, fog, and crazy colors. The drinks at Oga’s are truly original so take some time to check out Oga’s for a unquie experience! 

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is a tiny bar hidden in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. This bar is themed after the Enchanted Tiki Room and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with tropical drinks. Trader Sam’s is so small there is only room for a few parties at a time. This hole in the wall bar is a MUST on your Disney adults trip! 

If your looking for a fun nighttime bar, check out Jellyrolls. Located on the Disney Boardwalk, Jellyrolls is a dueling piano bar that’s always busy in the evening hours.  If you decide to stay a the Boardwalk, make sure to check out Jellyrolls. 

Jellyrolls - Disney Boardwalk for adults

La Cava del Tequila is another newer addition to Disney’s Epcot. If your a fan of margaritas or tequila, La Cava del Tequila should definitely be on your list.  Located at the Mexico pavilion in Epcot, this bar has over 100 different kinds of tequila.  This is a great starting or ending spot on your Epcot drinking around the world tour! 

Last but not least, is Tutto Gusto located in the Italy pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Tutto Gusto is a wine cellar with over 200 different wines and beers. If your a win-o, this spot is for you! 

If your from a Disney family with win-o’s, check out this awesome Disney wine glass! I bought all the ladies in my family this glass for Christmas last year! 


Disney has many great bars and nighttime spots that make for a great addition to your Disney World adults vacation! 


Why You Should Take a Disney Vacation with Adults Only! 

Disney gets the wrong stereotype that Disney vacations are only for families with kids. I would argue that Disney World and Disneyland are much more fun and enjoyable as an adult. 

Disney World for adults

As an adults, you enjoy the rides, the food, the entertainment, and the magical experience Disney provides. Many times as a kid, you don’t value all that Disney has to offer. 

When I visit Disney on an adults only trip, I see all the families with little kids and it seems like a TON of work. Granted seeing Disney through your kids eyes is magical, but you have to be okay with all the work and less enjoyment for yourself. 

In my opinion, there are so many benefit to an adults only Disney vacation. 

  1. You can feel like a kid again 
  2. Do only what you want to do 
  3. Avoid all the kid rides and shows 
  4. Drink around the world at Epcot 
  5. Experience unique dining 
  6. Relax at the most magical place on earth

Disney World vacations are magical any way you put it but if you haven’t, I recommend taking a Disney vacation for adults. You will get to see Disney in an entirely new way and do many things you want to do. Disney World vacations are for adults too!

disney for adults



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  2. I don’t think I would go to Disney for nightlife beyond a nice dinner and the fireworks, but I definitely agree that it is for children of all ages. 😊 Good post!

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