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Pandora – the World of Avatar

In 2017, Disney World brought James Cameron’s Avatar movie to life in Pandora – World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Pandora brings you to another world with floating mountains, Na’vi, and the opportunity to fly on the back of a banshee! 

Pandora is one of my favorite spots at Disney World and a place your whole family will love! Check out Pandora – the World of Avatar! 

pandora - world of avatar

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If you haven’t watched James Cameron’s Avatar Movie yet, I suggest watching it before your trip. Pandora – World of Avatar will make a lot more sense and it will make the movie truly come to life. Avatar is a great family movie so grab your popcorn and have a family movie night

Avatar Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is the e-ticket ride in Pandora and by far my favorite ride at Disney World! So what is Avatar Flight of Passage? Flight of Passage is a virtual reality simulator ride where you fly on the back of a Banshee and experience the flight of the Na’vi. If you had to chance to experience Soarin’ at Disneyland or Epcot, this ride is a more intense version of Soarin’.  Even though the Pandora ride is a simulator, it doesn’t feel like a typical simulator. I haven’t met many people that didn’t like the Pandora ride or didn’t want to ride Flight of Passage again and again! 

disney pandora ride
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Flight of Passage is one of the most advanced rides Disney has ever created and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this ride is. You can to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of Pandora and truly fly on a Banshee.  The Pandora ride is so amazing you HAVE to experience it for yourself! This is a ride kids and parents can experience together!


Avatar Flight of Passage Tips

Today, Flight of Passage is the hardest Fastpass to get at Disney World. If your looking to get a Flight of Passage Fastpass, make sure you are on the website at 7 A.M on your 60 day window. I would also suggest looking to get your Fastpass the last few days of your vacation because the first few days may be out of Fastpasses already. 

If you can’t don’t get the Flight of Passage Fastpass, I would suggest getting the Na’vi River Journey Fastpass. There’s no prove of this theory, but I seem to have better luck getting the Fastpasses when you have another Fastpass in that area/land.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t initially get the Flight of Passage Fastpass, there have been many trips when I get the Fastpass at a later date by continuing to check the My Disney Experience App! Check out all our Fastpass tips for more info! 

There are several additional ways to ride Flight of Passage without the long wait or Fastpass! 

  • Rope Drop – Be at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at least 30 minutes before the park opens. Follow the rest of the crowd and head straight for Flight of Passage. The line is going to look very long since that’s where everyone is going. Stay calm! I promise the wait won’t be more than 30 minutes! If you are going to do rope drop, bring comfy shoes. It’s a long day and people move quickly heading to Flight of Passage. These are my favorite Disney Park Shoes
  • Ride in the Evening – Many people leave Animal Kingdom before the end of the park day so get in line for Flight of Passage around dinner time or later for a shorter wait time! It’s a great option to visit Pandora in the evening because crowds are lower, the sun isn’t as hot, and Pandora is all lit up! 
  • Wait! – If all else fails, wait in the stand-by line. The Flight of Passage line queue is one of the coolest at Disney World so you’ll have plenty to explore while you wait!


Na’vi River Journey 

Na’vi River Journey is the other ride in Pandora – the World of Avatar. This is a slow river ride that takes your through the World of Avatar at night. The world is lit up in bio-luminescent flowers, creatures, and the Na’vi, of course. I would definitely recommend checking this ride out while at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Many people aren’t fans of this ride because of the long waits and the short ride time but I think Disney truly outdid themselves again with the advances in technology displayed in this ride so make sure you ride at least once during your vacation! 

Tip: This ride usually has a long wait too so if you can’t get a Flight of Passage Fastpass, consider getting a Fastpass for Na’vi River Journey. 

pandora the world of avatar


Satu’li Canteen 

The World of Avatar features many food and drink options that are unlike anything you’ve had before! The quick service restaurant will be loved by your whole family because of the options and the ability to create your own “bowl”.

Satu’li Menu

Satu’li Canteen’s menu features many different bowls which are protein, veggies, and a starch like rice or potatoes. The awesome thing is Disney created many bowl options but also gives you the opportunity to create your own bowl and personalize your meal! I’ve yet to meet anyone who can’t find something they like at Satu’li! 

Satu’li Beverages 

Pandora – the World of Avatar is also known for their exotic drink selection. They offer normal beer and wine but also offer Green beer, and fruity alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are delicious and are great for both parents and kids! 

Disney's Pandora

Pandora – the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a must do on your next Disney vacation. And make you sure you ride Flight of Passage, you won’t regret it! Also make sure to check out Pandora night, it turns into a completely different land!  The ground is bio-luminescent and your footprints light up as you walk. It’s super cool! 

pandora - world of avatar

Make sure to wear your “Hakuna Matata” shirts on your Animal Kingdom day. You will see tons of people wearing them in the parks. Check out my Instagram  to see my “Hakuna Matata” shirt! I have the shirt linked below! 

Hakuna Matata


Do you love Epcot as much as we do? Epcot’s World Showcase  is one the most unique parks of Walt Disney World. Make you sure you check it out on your next vacation! 


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  1. I love seeing Pandora as it changes from day to night… the lights and foliage are just breathtaking! I can’t wait to go back because I keep hearing about the amazing food at World of Avatar, including gluten free and vegetarian options. I didn’t eat there last time and apparently I really missed out!

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