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Disney World Space 220 Restaurant Review


Disney’s Epcot Space 220 

One of the newest and most noteworthy restaurants at Walt Disney World is Space 220. At Space 220, take a journey 220 miles above Earth and dine at the International Space Station. 

Epcot’s Space 220 brings space to planet Earth in this unique Disney dining experience.  At Disney’s Space 220, enjoy delicious food, out of this world views, and much more on your next Disney World vacation! 

disney space 220

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Space 220 at Disney’s Epcot 

You already may know that Space 220 is located at Disney’s Epcot but where at Epcot? For those that have been Disney Park fans for along time, Space 220 is located in the “old Future World.”

But since Epcot is being re-envisioned, Space 220 will also be located in the new “World Discovery.”

epcot world discovery

You enter this new Epcot space restaurant in the Mission Space Pavilion. If you are walking towards Mission Space, the ride is to the left and Space 220 is to the right. 



Disney World Space 220 Menu

The chefs at Disney’s Space 220 put a space like spin on all the food items on the menu. And the great news is Space 220’s menu has great options for everyone in your family. 

In terms of appetizers at Space 220, there are classics like a Caesar salad, calamari, green salad, and burrata. This section of the Disney Space 220 menu has too many delicious options to choose from. 

I always recommend the Caesar salad, green salad, and blue moon cauliflower. But you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. 

disney world space 220

The Space 220 menu doesn’t fall short for the meal portion either.  You can try the filet mignon, free range chicken, short ribs, burger, and bolognese. 

For the meal portion, the burger is amazing and Space 220 is known for really great steaks and short ribs. I haven’t heard a bad thing about any Space 220 meal though so I’m sure you’ll enjoy whatever you pick! 

disneys space 220

Space 220 also has amazing dessert options too.  This would be a Space 220 restaurant review without mentioning the carrot cake and sticky toffee pudding cake.

Both options are SO delicious so I would recommend either of these options during your Epcot space restaurant dining experience!  

I will mention that the Space 220 lunch and dinner menus are slightly different. There are so overlapping options but some are different so check out the full Space 220 menu on the Disney World webpage. 



Space 220 Pricing 

One downside of Disney’s Space 220 is the price. This is one of Disney’s more pricey restaurants simply because you are getting an incredible experience along with your meal. 

Space 220 is a pre-fixe menu.  With lunch, each Disney guest gets an appetizer and entrée and for dinner, each guest gets an appetizer, entrée, and dessert.  

disney world space 220

For lunch, Epcot’s Space 220 will cost $55 per person and for dinner, Space 220 will cost $79 per person.  

Again, it’s a little pricey but in my opinion the price is worth it for a unique Disney World dining experience! 



Disney Space 220 Atmosphere 

One of the most important details about Disney’s Epcot Space 220 Restaurant is the atmosphere and theming. Space 220 is themed like you are dining on the International Space Station. 

The Disney Space 220 dining room is situated like a half circle. The upper section of the Space 220 dining room is elevated a bit from the lower portion of the Space 220 dining room. There isn’t a bad seat in the house! 

epcot space 220

Disney World’s Space 220 restaurant is dark inside with space like theming throughout. But what really makes Space 220 is the views from the International Space Station. 

Every table at Epcot’s Space 220 has a view of the windows outside. Additionally, there is fun, space like music to tie everything together. 

Everyone raves about Disney theming and the immersive experiences and this is truly one of the best!  Space 220 is one of a kind! 



Epcot Space 220 Lounge 

Finally, I wanted to mention Space 220’s Lounge. So what’s the difference between the Space 220 restaurant v lounge?

Disney Dining reservations for Space 220 are nearly impossible right now and the may be like this for years to come. The first difference between Space 220 lounge and restaurant is dining reservations. 

When Space 220 opened, the lounge was not accepting reservations and was walk up only. Today, you NEED reservations for the Space 220 restaurants and you CAN get reservations for the Space 220 lounge. 

space 220 lounge

But you have a much better chance at walking up to the Space 220 lounge than restaurant. 

The second big change is the menu and price point. The Space 220 lounge menu is ala carte and offer some of the same and different options than the Space 220 restaurant. 

If you are a small party and looking to experience Space 220 at the last minute, the Space 220 lounge is a great option! 



Space 220 Restaurant Review 

As you can tell, we love Disney’s Space 220. At Epcot’s Space 220, you can have an out of the world experience while also trying some amazing Disney food. 

epcot space 220

I know it may be challenging to score a Disney World Space 220 reservation but it’s worth the effort! Make sure to check out this Disney World restaurant on your next Disney trip! 



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