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Disney’s Pop Century Resort Review

Disney World Pop Century Resort Review

There are so many great Disney resorts at the Walt Disney World resort but a fan favorite is Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Disney’s Pop Century is a value level Disney resorts that features incredible Disney theming while being close to the Disney Parks! 

If you are trying to decide which Disney resort to stay at next, consider the Disney Pop Century for great prices, unique transit to the Disney Parks, and an immersive Disney experience.

Pop Century

We’ve stayed about Pop Century many Disney vacations recently and think it’s a great Disney World resort at a great price point! 

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Pop Century Overview

If you aren’t already familiar with the Disney resort structure, Disney resorts are categorized as Disney Value Resorts, Disney Moderate Resorts, or Disney Deluxe Resorts.  The Disney Pop Century falls into Value resort category.

Disney Value Resorts are known for having the lowest prices while still offering a close location to the Disney Parks, Disney transportation, and the magic of staying on-site at Walt Disney World. 

disney pop century

Disney’s Pop Century was the first Disney Value Resort and in my opinion, the best Disney Value resort.  Pop Century is themed after different decades from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. 

Each section of the Disney Pop Century resort features decor from that decade including things like computers, big-wheels, foosball, yo-yos, and bowling pins.  Besides the decades theming, Disney’s Pop Century has fun, bright colors that bring the Disney resort to life! 

Disney World pop century

Additionally, the Disney Pop Century Resort rooms went through a full renovation in 2019 so they feature modern furniture, fun colors, and a cozy hotel room for your Disney World resort stay. 

Pop Century offers everything you could want in a Disney resort room for your next Disney vacation!


Disney’s Pop Century Resort Map

Pop Century is huge so you will want to take advantage of the Disney Pop Century Resort maps to avoid getting lost while staying at this Disney Resort! 

pop century map

You’ll want to make notes on the Pop Century map of where the pools are located, where the food court is and where the Disney Skyliner Station is located. 


Disney Pop Century Location and Transportation

The Pop Century Resort is located in the Animal Kingdom and ESPN World Wide of Sports area. Although Disney’s Pop Century isn’t far from Epcot or Hollywood Studios either. 

One of the main advantages to staying at Pop Century is access to really unique Disney transportation. Pop Century is located on the Disney World Skyliner line

disney pop century skyliner

The Disney Skyliner has a station right at the Pop Century resort and bringing Disney guests to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The Disney Skyliner is such a quick, easy form of Disney transportation this is reason alone to stay at Disney World Pop Century! 

Besides the Disney Skyliner, Pop Century has access to Disney bus transportation too. Disney guests will need to take bus transportation to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and Disney Springs. 

pop century buses

Like the Skyliner, Disney bus transportation is easy too with buses picking guests up at the front of the Walt Disney World Pop Century.  Unlike the other Disney Value Resorts, Pop Century has many transportation options. 



Disney Pop Century Rooms 

In 2019, the Disney World Pop Century went through a major renovation and the Pop Century rooms were completely redone. Now each Pop Century room is white, bright, modern, and has all the Disney comforts for your Disney trip! 

There are two layouts for Disney Pop Century rooms. The first is one king bed. The second (which most people will choose) is two queen beds. With the new, modern Pop Century rooms, one of the beds is a murphy bed that pulls out of the wall. 

disney pop century room
Photo from Walt Disney World webpage

I’ve stayed on the murphy bed at Pop Century myself and it’s VERY comfy! I’m guessing Disney designed the rooms this way to optimize space since the Pop Century rooms are on the smaller side.

All the Disney Pop Century rooms can sleep up to 4 adults. Although, I would say the Pop Century rooms may be a bit small for 4 adults. But they would be a great fit for a family with kids. 

pop century room
Photo from Walt Disney World webpage

It’s terms of the size of Pop Century rooms, they are very comparable to the rooms at the other Disney Value Resorts. 

All in all, the Pop Century rooms are new, clean, and great for any Disney trip! 


Disney Pop Century Food Options 

Pop Century dining has great options for everyone in your family. At Disney’s Pop Century, there are two dining locations – Everything Pop and Petals Pool Bar. 

Like the other Disney Value Resorts, Pop Century’s food court is Everything Pop. Everything Pop has all kinds of options from pasta, pizza, burgers, chicken, salads, pot roast, salmon, breakfast, snacks, dessert and more. 

disney pop century dining

Literally, everything you could want to eat is at Everything Pop. The other spot to grab a drink at Pop Century is Petals Pool Bar. 

Since Petals is a bar, you can get your favorite beer, wine, or cocktails. While there is no food at Petals Pool Bar, Everything Pop is nearby for a snack. The Pop Century food court has something delicious for everything on your Disney vacation! 



 Pop Century Amenities 

Disney World’s Pop Century is known for having one of the best amenities you could ask for – a great pool. The Pop Century Hippy Dippy pool is a great pool area for every family to enjoy together.

Pop Century’s pool area has a large pool, a kiddie pool, and several fun additions for kids such as big flowers that sprinkle the pool area. Families with adults, kids and everything in between can take advantage of the Pop Century pool together! 

pop century pool

Additionally, there are two smaller pools if you are looking for a quieter pool day. Pop Century also has the Pop Century computer pool and the Pop Century bowling pin pool. 

Besides pools, the Disney Pop Century resort offers Movies Under the Stars, has a great running trail, playground, and lively arcade. 

disney pop century pool

I also mentioned one the greatest Disney Pop Century amenities which is access to the Skyliner transportation. 

The Disney World Pop Century has many great amenities that will enhance your Disney trip and let your family enjoy downtime at the Pop Century resort together! 



Disney World Pop Century Overview 

As you can tell, we’ve stayed at Pop Century and love it. We always come back for another Disney vacation! The Pop Century truly doesn’t feel like a value resort and offers so many great perks and amenities. 

One of our favorite things about Disney’s Pop Century is access to the Skyliner. It enhances your trip with the fast, seamless access to the Disney Parks! 

disney pop century

If you can’t tell, I recommend Pop Century to all my friends visiting Disney World so you should definitely consider it for your next Disney trip! 

For more information about booking the Disney Pop Century, check out the Walt Disney World website! 


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